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10 Key Reasons Why you should be considering the Affino Unified Media Business Platform

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From the earliest days, Affino has always been developed with a view to providing a fully rounded solution - giving businesses the full set of tools and utilities they need to translate their processes and workflows to an automated digital business. Affino has long combined CMS with Community and Social Tools, alongside Ecommerce, Campaigns, Messaging and seamless integration and automation between elements. Everything in Affino is driven through and controlled by a core central Social CRM which gives you absolute command over your digital assets and customer relationships.


Affino clients in the Media and Publishing sectors have been having great success and as a result a very significant number of media industry features and solution have been coming to Affino. Leading to the current status of Affino being the most powerful unified solution for media companies.


The following 10 Affino features are what makes Affino such a strong proposition:



Social CRM


Affino has a powerful core central Social CRM which marshals your key customer contacts and engagements, and allows you to harvest the widest and deepest range of customer data. This includes most points of contact, interaction and transaction. The ’Single Customer View’ in Affino is unparalleled in its ability to cover the full range of customer relationships and interactions, and is optimised for media companies from the outset - covering ad sales, subscription sales, magazine and book sales, inbound marketing, event and delegate sales, award and table sales as well as consultative and advisory interactions. Crucially, Affino supports organisations when it comes to being compliant with GDPR by centralising audience data in a single customer view.



Total Monetisation


Affino allows you to sell any combination of physical and digital goods - individually and in bundles. You can monetise uploads and downloads - in terms of on-demand, shorter-term subscriptions or longer-term memberships. You can sell access to events and training courses, collaborations, jobs boards and do fundraising amongst many of the revenue streams available. Pretty much everything you do digitally or physically can be monetised for either upstream or downstream revenue generation.



Sales and Marketing Automation


The Affino platform looks to engage with and analyse customers at every point. Affino can capture contact details, provide dozens of interaction points for further profiling, convert sales and sign-ups, and provides the full content and media front end. Affino then lets you target, funnel, analyse and convert your community engagements with its Customer Ladder, Conversion Events and Conversion Funnels, auto-responders and contact lists. These bring sales and marketing automation to every step of your audience engagement.



Automated Contact Capture


Affino lets you capture contact details throughout all interactions. Anyone registering for any activity, e.g. newsletter, engagement wall, site registration, subscription sign-up, delegate pass purchase etc., populates the central CRM with new and updated contact details. Contacts can be auto-incentivised with free trial periods, enhanced access to view more articles, store credits and much more to further detail their profile. Affino also captures contact information right at the point of purchase, not just for the buyer but also for delegates, trainees, attendees and other event-related registrants. These can then be managed, exported, and mapped to the CRM and used to update existing customer records.



Responsive Design


A highly innovative approach to customisation and personalisation of display templates - producing a huge variety of layouts and options from a relatively small number of Smart Design Elements. The Articles themselves have clever ’Step’ building blocks which allow you to build up rows of dynamic content, as tailored as you wish - switching between 1 and 4 columns. Affino has several built-in algorithms which shape and flow the content within the templates irrespective of device and screen size.



Events Management


Like everything in Affino, Event Management is fully baked into the system - whether Exhibitions, Conferences or Awards - can be configured for quick deployment, and long-term contact and monetisation. There is no limit on the number of events you can run on one Affino instance, and there’s no charge associated with each event. Affino has pioneered an approach where media businesses can extend the customer relationship well beyond the run-in and run-off periods of the events - producing many more, and longer-term opportunities for event organisers, sponsors and attendees.



Automated Lead Generation


Set up the right landing pages, capture contact details, track the audience and automatically feed your sales pipelines using Affino. Affino’s ability to provide fully responsive, secure, optimised landing pages, full campaign management with automated tracking, and the advanced customer ladder, all combine to feed in leads to your sales teams - with appropriate leads and plenty of insight into the prospects’ interests, their company and much more. It’s the combination of full front-end web platform, social CRM, and automation that makes this work.



Full Audience Reach


Affino’s Ad and Campaign Serving is fully integral within the core platform. This means content, ads, promotions, other campaign elements, and messages are served directly and natively by the core system in a way such that it is indistinguishable from the other site content and media. This means Affino’s messages and ads have high delivery rates and in the case of the ads, banners and native advertising are hard to block by ad blockers and privacy tools. This means that your in-house and client campaigns get full delivery online and enhanced message delivery, reach the full audience and generate up to 40% more impressions than conventional ad serving solutions.



Digital / Print Management and Sales


Affino leads when it comes to digital publishing and monetisation, and it also supports traditional media workflows to allow the planning and management of conventional print media - through Flatplanning, ad sales and management workflows both for print and digital, as well as broadcast scheduling for client and in-house message campaigns.



Rapid Deployments


A trained team can deploy entirely new Affino sites in as little as a week. This allows you to roll out stand-alone event sites; spin off new digital magazine brands; launch a new store; explore new market segments and develop new community portals in a way that is simply not possible with competing approaches. What’s best is that behind all of these is a centralised CRM, consolidated commercial reporting and integrated sales and marketing profiling, all ready and in place before you even start on your new site build.

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