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Stefan's Naturally Aspirated Blog Site Revamp Visual Guide Whistle-Stop Tour

AffinoCoronavirusUnified Business Platformwebsite design+-

At the start of the Covid period, we determined that we would need something of a lighter touch to contrast that societal darkness. And so we set out to wholly revamp the website - to make it clearer, more streamlined, fresher, and more friendly - while rolling out various new technologies and functionalities. We greatly expanded the colour palette and introduced a number of more vibrant tones to meet that purpose.


I and Designer Mark Foster, with help from Lead Front-End ...

The Essential Business Benefits of Subscription Services and Automated Renewals

Customs Acquisition CostinsightResourceService SubscriptionsSubscription AutomationSubscription Business ModelsSubscription RenewalsUnified Business Platform+-

Most should be familiar with the concept of Customer Acquisition Costs, or CACs - where winning over entirely new customers is the most expensive process of all, while up-selling and contract / subscription renewals should take increasingly less levels of effort and maintenance. For a number of years we’ve been encouraging our own customers to move more towards subscription-style service business models which more evenly sustain a company’s cashflow.


The model of Service ...

A 12 Step Visual Guide to Affino's Fully Baked-In GDPR Solution

Affino GDPRAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformFeaturedGDPRGDPR FrameworkResourceUnified Business Platform+-

The purpose of this article is to give you a comprehensive overview of the extensive smart GDPR Solution fully built into the Affino Unified Digital Business Platform. These screens give you a shortcut on a lot of integral complexity which does still require a fair amount of setup - but with Affino’s detailed guides and live examples is something that any Affino Client can easily and relative quickly accomplish.


Affino’s GDPR is designed to fully safe-guard the consumer as ...

How Diligent Deployment of Affino can help you Minimise your Hack / Attack Surface

Affino Unified Digital Business PlatformInternet SecurityResourceRisk AssessmentRisk ManagementSecurityUnified Business Platform+-

A recent article in The Telegraph about a Fortnum & Mason customer data breech highlights a common area of weakness to most integrated web solutions. Your typical Digital Deployment consists of a stack of disparate component systems which need to be integrated together to be able to work as a complete solution. Every separate component system which is introduced into the mix increases your risk profile - and gives hackers and cybercriminals more avenues for attacking your systems and ...

10 Key Reasons Why you should be considering the Affino Unified Media Business Platform

AffinoAffino for PublishersAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformAffino Unified Media Business PlatformConnected CRMDigital BusinessDigital Business PlaformLead GenerationMedia PlatformResourceSales & Marketing AutomationUnified Business Platform+-

From the earliest days, Affino has always been developed with a view to providing a fully rounded solution - giving businesses the full set of tools and utilities they need to translate their processes and workflows to an automated digital business. Affino has long combined CMS with Community and Social Tools, alongside Ecommerce, Campaigns, Messaging and seamless integration and automation between elements. Everything in Affino is driven through and controlled by a core central Social CRM ...

Engineering Better Businesses

AffinoAffino OnboardAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformAudience CRMBusiness EngineeringBusiness PlatformCollaborationDigital BusinessDigital Business PlaformEngineering GrowthResourcesolutionsuccessUnified Business Platform+-

We are in the business of building businesses - digitized / digital businesses per se, but not necessarily in the way that you might perceive, and certainly not as a fully stand-alone and independent activity. We construct business vehicles and vessels - which still need to be properly manned and skippered. Constructing the system is only the starting point, it needs to be correctly deployed for success. Just as you can buy the most technically proficient vessel to race in the America’s ...

Invest in Best of Breed

Affino Unified Digital Business PlatformCollaborationCustomer Experience PlatformDigital BusinessDigital Business PlatformFeaturedResourcesolutionsuccessTechnology InvestmentUnified Business Platform+-

When it comes to committing to new technologies, there are usually some very obvious key criteria that need to be met. In weighing up the pedigree and suitability of a solution - the track record is all-important. And in track record we mean the degree by which such a solution is able to ongoingly meet objectives and obligations and adapt to different and evolving conditions.


There has to be a mutually cooperative relationship between Clients and Affino in much the same way that on-...

Drive your Business Forward with the Most Powerful Digital Business Engine

Affino PerformanceAffino PowerAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformDigital BusinessDigital Business PlaformFeaturedResourceSales & Marketing AutomationUnified Business Platform+-

Formula 1 cars are the wonder of the automotive engineering world. Precision-tuned every season and constantly adapted to meet new rules and regulations. Utilising thousands of components working together in perfect harmony under some of the most extreme conditions encountered beyond the surface of the Sun. The engine needs to withstand the most incredible fluctuations, heat and pressure, while maintaining perfect operating conditions over an extended period of duress.


The very best ...

Achieve More with a Fully Connected CRM at the Heart of your Digital Platform

Audience CRMautomationBusiness ProcessesContact CaptureCRMPersonalisationProcess AutomationResourceSales Leads ManagementTargetingUnified Business PlatformWorkflows+-

Most business owners are already fully clear on how critical a CRM solution is for the running of a contemporary business. Many are not aware though of how much manual work and maintenance is required to support a typical CRM - something along the lines of Salesforce for instance.


A typical CRM deployment nowadays consists of significant customisation and integration work, just to get the CRM to connect or ’talk’ with your other critical business solutions. Salesforce can ...

10 Reasons you should be thinking about Replatforming Right Now

Affino Unified Digital Business PlatformChoosing a Digital PlatformDigital Business PlatformDigital Business ReplatformingReasons for ReplatformingReplatformingResourceSales & Marketing AutomationUnified Business Platform+-

Just like in Formula 1, the engine with which you power your business vehicle is critical to your success. Like it or not, you are in a race with your competitors to win over a particular pool of customers - and may the best one win! A formula one engine combines sheer power with fuel efficiency, precise control and reliability - you cannot win the race if you suffer engine-failure midway. What you have in these engines is the very cutting edge of hybrid technology with every function, ...

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year