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When you take Affino Onboard, it is the start of a long-term, close-knit relationship. Our people are an enormous part of the whole Affino Solution. We work alongside our Clients - adding expertise, insight, strategy and execution where it is most required. We are somewhat like the '5th Beatle' as it were - getting involved immersively, regularly and on an ongoing basis . It is most definitely in our best interests that our Clients' businesses succeed and thrive continually, so we keep on innovating and inspiring forward evolution.

Collaboration. Solution. Success.

The four senior executives featured below are running market-leading media businesses which depend on innovation and continuous early adoption for their ongoing success. Their partnership with Affino is a marriage of equals - both in terms of ideology and ambition - together we strive to make a significant and beneficial change to how these businesses engage with their customers, achieve the best value and quality for their communities, teams and investors and benefit the bottom line.

We have pooled our resources and built lasting successful relationships, to create exceptional interactive digital businesses which, at their core, are transforming business models and adapting to ongoing changes in this rapidly evolving digital age...


Procurement Leaders has been an unprecedented success story since Affino was brought onboard in 2010, it has won numerous industry awards, and has gained a reputation as a benchmark in global leadership for vertically integrated professional membership services.

"Affino has worked side-by-side with Sigaria since 2010, transforming and improving our Procurement Leaders digital business. The ongoing evolution has helped propel Procurement Leaders to the world-wide leader in procurement intelligence that it is today."

Alex Martinez, CEO & Co-Founder, Sigaria and Procurement Leaders


Affino worked with Briefing Media to wholly revamp and relaunch the digital side of Farmers Guardian, which is realized in the highly innovative - FG Insight.

"Affino worked with Briefing Media to deliver the new responsive-design FG-Insight digital business. The forward evolution of Farmers Guardian matches the increasingly important role technology plays in modern farming."

Rory Brown, CMO & Co-Founder, Briefing Media


Affino's collaboration with TTG is the most recent Affino responsive design digital business to go live. It melds streamlined business processes into the very core of its workings.

"Affino worked with TTG to deliver its new responsive-design digital business. The new solution gives TTG a more dynamic edge in an increasingly competitive environment."

Daniel Pearce, Managing Director, TTG


The Mash Media Affino-powered digital business is nearing its final stages of engineering. We've progressed through the audit, specification and the bulk of the implementation, only the fine-tuning remains ...

"Affino is working with us to deploy a unified digital platform which will revolutionise the way we work and how we deliver our core business. It will streamline the way our teams communicate and provide us with essential tools to future-proof our company."

Dan Edwards, Group Operations Director, Mash Media

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And delivering industry leading awards

2016 British Media Awards - Technology Provide of the Year - Silver
2014 PPA Connect Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Event Brand of the Year
2014 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year (Again!)
2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
2014 AOP Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Best Business to Business Website
2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Independent Publisher Digital Product of the Year
2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year
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