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Customer Charter vs Customer Platitudes vs GDPR

Customer Care Customer Service GDPR Customer Charter + -

So we’re about a month and a half into GDPR, and it seems that many companies haven’t really taken that much notice of the new laws. There’s lots of companies paying lip-service to GDPR, but many of their policies and actual activities are still in conflict with the new legislation. I do note that spam has tailed off quite significantly, but there are still a fair few suspect mailers in my spam folder. I am also still getting some weird and wonderful unsolicited propositions ...

How Diligent Deployment of Affino can help you Minimise your Hack / Attack Surface

Security Risk Management Internet Security Affino Unified Digital Business Platform Risk Assessment + -

A recent article in The Telegraph about a Fortnum & Mason customer data breech highlights a common area of weakness to most integrated web solutions. Your typical Digital Deployment consists of a stack of disparate component systems which need to be integrated together to be able to work as a complete solution. Every separate component system which is introduced into the mix increases your risk profile - and gives hackers and cybercriminals more avenues for attacking your systems and ...

The Essential Need to Regularly Clear Your Browser Cache

Browser Browser Cache Computer Maintenance

All computing devices - hardware, firmware and software use cacehing routines and procedures to increase efficiency and speed. In terms of your humble browser - this stores various files in its memory - to be able to serve you up those pages faster upon subsequent visits. There are all manner of scripts, functions, media, templates and regular text which are stored and served from memory. With complex computing devices and ever larger databases, it is essential for any degree of efficiency that...

Pedal Mania IV - 2018 Mid-Year Update

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Pedal Chain + -

My pedal chain has never sounded better, and it’s the closest it’s been yet to achieving my end game of having the perfect pedal in every slot. Of course some slots are more multi-use than others, and some have a plethora of exceptional pedals available for rotation. While many slots have pretty much permanent residents now too.


There has been a lot of movement in the first 10 slots, with really only the Tuner at #1 and Compressor at #7 holding firm for now. Even though the...

What Two Years of Tone-Questing Looks Like - Acquisitions, Passes and Still Probables

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals ToneQuest Pedal Odyssey Pedal Mania + -

As stated elsewhere, I got back into guitar again in September 2016, and initially had decided to keep it simple with a great guitar and a cool modern modelling amp. Yet I soon found out that this was not delivering the goods for me and decided in November 2016 that I should pursue the pedal / stompbox route also known as ’pedal platform route’.


A very great number of YouTube videos I watched in those early days, as well as pedalboard pictures on Pinterest featured Strymon ...

Boss Evolves and Expands Wireless Technology first seen on Katana Air Amp

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Boss Pedals Wireless Guitar System + -

Following on from the launch of the wireless transmitter for the Katana Air Amp, Boss now makes that same technology available to everyone via 3 different offerings. I myself have long been a wireless user, and have been using a Line 6 Relay G10 for these last few years.


Boss’s innovation here is two-fold really, compared to my G10 - they have introduced the base-station receiver half in compact pedal format - for the WL-50 version. The second innovation is something called &...

6 of the Best Butler Tube Driver Style Pedals

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Butler Tube Driver BK Butler + -

The 1983-designed B.K. Butler Tube Driver famously used by David Gilmour, Eric Johnson, Billy Gibbons and Joe Satriani to name a few. The core of the pedal is a hand-selected 12AX7 tube - which gives you a lovely sort of fuzz-drive sound than can sound amazingly smooth and textured in the hands of masters like David Gilmour - who still features 2 of these within his rig.


These were off the market for a while, then manufactured under licence as Chandler Tube Drivers - but they are now ...

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Launch Expanded Version Alpha Haunt Fuzz

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Fuzz Alpha Haunt Fuzz Old Blood Noise Endeavors + -

Just yesterday, and with an excellent accompanying Andy Martin launch demo, Old Blood Noise Endeavours introduced the new sort of ’Deluxe’ version of their already super-versatile Haunt Gated Silicon Transistor Fuzz Pedal. It is somewhat opportune, that the original Haunt is one of only two fuzzes remaining on my current ’Year of Fuzz’ pedal acquisition list. And this new feature-richer version has somewhat thrown a spanner into those considerations.


I’m ...

New Stone Deaf Syncopy Modulated Analogue Delay in stock at the end of this month

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Tremolo Analogue Delay Stone Deaf Effects + -

We’ve known about the new Syncopy Delay Pedal from Stone Deaf for quite a while now - it’s been about a year or so since it was first announced, and it evidently took a while to refine production models to the high fidelity level desired. The new pedal uses the exact same form factor and control topology as the amazing Tremotron Tremolo which I have and love, as do many.


The coolest thing about these pedals is how the various LEDs light up the main functions, they both come...

ThorpyFX Multi Award Winning Trifecta of Pedals - Fuzz, Overdrive and Distortion

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Overdrive Fuzz ThorpyFX Adrian Thorpe Distoriton + -

I had meant to write this piece a while later, but I was somewhat prompted by the really awkward recent Crimson Guitars ThorpyFX YouTube Session / Workshop ’thing’ - which really did not do sufficient credit to explaining or demonstrating just how beautifully tuned and high quality Adrian Thorpe’s pedals really are.


As an ex-army major, everything about these pedals has a sort of military grade precision engineering finesse about them - and indeed they are machined in...

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