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Is B-Reel's intractive 3 LiveShop really the future of online retail?

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These last few weeks have seen a lot of features about B-Reel’s excellent recent interactive touchscreen live sales assistant interface for Sweden’s 3 Mobile Phone Store. The new interface - aka ’3 LiveShop’ enables a sales assistant to present various options in the style of Tom Cruise in Minority Report. The touch screen interface allows the assistant to sweep and select with multiple touches and drag and drop pictures and text panels onto the interface. On the client ...

Do we really need Groupon?

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Alongside many Brits, I have been encouraged to sign up to Groupon so as I don’t miss out on some amazing deal or stupidly pay over the odds for an essential product or service. I am already signed up to more specific discount sites / services like BrandAlley (mostly Fashion / Accessories / Homeware), Toptable (Restaurants) and Lastminute (Hotels / Travel / Excursions / Entertainment).

I am signed up on Groupon for ’London’ - but London is an enormous place, and all the offers ...

Why Big Shopping Malls need Smartphone Apps!

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I was at the magnificient Westfield Mall, Shepherd’s Bush last night - which really is a most excellent cathedral to that most highly disciplined vocation of holistic retail.

Of course I grabbed a map on the way in, but the A3-folded-in-four-format was not particularly good for easy navigation around the mall - largely as your perspective and orientation changes so much - looking up and navigating via old school map is a little more complex than it should be.


I immediately ...

World of Boutiques

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Following on from my ’New Industrial Revolution’ article, which talks about everyone being able to design and manufacture their own industrial goods; i.e. the democratization of Manufacture; I now turn my focus to retail, where everyone can set up their own Boutique online.

Before I get into the definition of a Boutique, I would just like to reflect on a number of emerging trends, particularly in the area of fashion retail. In real-world shopping malls, some of you may have come ...

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