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Mozilla recently announced that from October, Firefox will start blocking 3rd Party Web Trackers by Default

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We’ve covered the issue of 3rd party plugins and scripts numerous times before on this site - and particularly the surreptitious activities of many a site script in sticking invisible trackers on you which track your movements across wholly unrelated sites, and even persist to track after you’ve terminated a particular service.


You may notice that if you have your cookie preferences settings screen active and have only one tab open on your browser - that it’s a little...

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What Can Digital Businesses Learn from the recent British Airways Data Breach / Hack?

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Apart from some interesting PR spin on what supposedly took place, the unavoidable truth is that the Magecart Hackers managed to piggy-back 22 lines of their code onto a British Airways Baggage Claim Website Page - which in turn intercepted all newly submitted customer payments - or when customers were keying in new card details - Security Numbers and all - affecting some very significant 380.000 customers! The period impacted was from August 21st through to September 5th.


This was a ...

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How the Music Industry is Actually Killing Itself

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Let me preface this piece by saying that I’m one of the biggest music fans of all time. I have an extensive collection of vinyl and CD - running well into the many thousands - to such a degree that I really ran out of space. So as logic dictated - I took to digital media as the only rational way to consume, ’store’ and organise music nowadays.


Back in my youth we had Vinyl to play at home, and tape or cassettes to play in the car or on the move (Sony Walkman anyone?)....

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Now TV User Interface goes from Bad to Worse

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I really don’t know what the developers for the interface are doing these days or who is instructing them. The whole experience was not a particularly pleasant one before - with a still separate pop-up window player which has very poor connectivity and continuity with the main video library. You are kind of OK if you just want to watch the next episode in the series, but totally stranded if you wan’t to switch to something else.


The arbitrary problem with video ...

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All Guitar-related articles have moved across to New Site -

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Such was the popularity of some of the guitar posts made on this blog that we decided to separate that content onto its own site which is now fully live today. If you have been a fan of the guitar / pedal posts that used to appear here, then you will see a lot more of the same on ’Guitar Pedal X’.


We’ve made it a lot easier for you to find content within the different categories and there are various tools and views on the new site to make the whole experience a whole...

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Chrome and Firefox have started actively flagging up HTTP sites as Not Secure

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It’s been quite a while since Google starting penalising non-HTTPS sites on search results, and that particular campaign has reached a new plateau whereby Users will as of this month now see a ’Not secure’ notice appear before being directed to unsecured or non-SSL sites.


We’ve been informing our Clients for quite some time now that it’s imperative that all their sites be SSL-secured - for reasons of Data and Customer Security, then SEO, and now just for ...

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Facebook trending downwards after Poor Q2 Earnings and further Security Policy Revelations

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Facebook dropped roughly $123 billion in share value / market capitalisation after disappointing earnings for Q2 this year were revealed. Much of this has to do with the new GDPR regulations - which restrict what Facebook can legitimately do for advertisers and sponsors, but also there seems to be a noticeable backlash following revelations that Facebook sold on customers’ privacy details and contact lists to various suspect parties - including groups of supposed Russian Hacker types.


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A Music Fan's Adventures in the Cloud - Vox Player Caveats and Pitfalls

Cloud MusicCloud-based Music OrganiserDigital Music PlayeriExploreriTunesMusic CollectionMusic LibraryMusic OrganiserNightbirdsevolve MetaVox Player+-

I will start this piece by saying that I’ve finally had it with Apple iTunes - that over-bloated software is now long past its sell-by-date. I’ve lost count of how many times iTunes has mangled my 500+ playlists. I recently updated to a new primary machine - a MacBook Pro 15 and was advised to switch on iCloud storage, backup etc, for everything. And while this works well for the majority of your files - it turns out it is complete suicide for your own music library - as Apple is ...

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Customer Charter vs Customer Platitudes vs GDPR

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So we’re about a month and a half into GDPR, and it seems that many companies haven’t really taken that much notice of the new laws. There’s lots of companies paying lip-service to GDPR, but many of their policies and actual activities are still in conflict with the new legislation. I do note that spam has tailed off quite significantly, but there are still a fair few suspect mailers in my spam folder. I am also still getting some weird and wonderful unsolicited propositions ...

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How Diligent Deployment of Affino can help you Minimise your Hack / Attack Surface

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A recent article in The Telegraph about a Fortnum & Mason customer data breech highlights a common area of weakness to most integrated web solutions. Your typical Digital Deployment consists of a stack of disparate component systems which need to be integrated together to be able to work as a complete solution. Every separate component system which is introduced into the mix increases your risk profile - and gives hackers and cybercriminals more avenues for attacking your systems and ...

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