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When TSG Consulting and Affino first met, it was quite evident that the existing website and branding were not adequately projecting the leadership status of this formidable City-based assurance software testing consultancy. Alongside identifying the key business drivers and workflows, Affino extrapolated the essence of the organisation into a brand profile - which would shape and inform the brand redesign as well as the site design.


You have to be able to look the part, as well as act the part, and we all know how significant first impressions can be for new business prospects. So the initial Affino audit covered a lot of ground in order to fully extract and distil the true nature and potential of this business.


On the platform side, TSG relied on separate tools for recruitment CRM and site, training CRM and site and most significantly for the advisory side of the business. This meant three disconnected management processes and contact sets, sales and financial data, and sales and marketing funnels, across multiple platforms, none of which was effectively integrated.




Affino worked with the TSG team to develop a new brand, and to re-design the core TSG presence to be approachable, contemporary and mobile-first.


Affino also worked extensively with the TSG team to understand their requirements across all the different business units through the full digital business audit.


From that we identified that the most significant gap between the Affino platform and TSG’s requirements was the need for a high end consultancy suite of HR (Human Resources) tools, and that the key ones needed were: Skills Management, Time-sheets and Absence management. These all had to be enterprise-level tools, with very tight management workflows, and had to be mobile-optimised for all the tasks as much of TSG’s business happens on-site in environments where the only device the staff have internet access on is a mobile phone.


Another area where Affino needed to extend the platform revolved around the training sales workflows. TSG has a specific approach that it uses to most effectively promote its series of testing solutions training courses, and provided an advanced workflow schema for how the courses should be promoted, sold and the delegates captured. Affino was able to deliver 90% of the workflow out of the box, but needed to bridge the gap around delegate capture and for cross-promoting courses at different times / venues to optimise the market reach of each series of courses.




Affino took the new branding and developed a set of re-usable Skins for TSG, whereby TSG could roll out all the different aspects of the great new responsive site using a standardised approach for simple day-to-day management.


Affino extended the Affino SaaS platform by adding in the smart new Human Resources suite. This set of tools is a new mobile-optimised HR hub whereby the TSG consulting team can go in and undertake most of their key tasks within the HR hub, and access their contacts through the CRM.


The Time-sheets are the daily workhorse for the TSG consultancy team, and have a highly granular approach for quickly logging time against clients, projects and tasks. It was essential that the time-sheets were a 100% match for TSG’s needs as most of the advisory staff work with complex projects, on-site and frequently only have mobile devices with Internet access in closed, secure environments.


The Absence Management app within the HR Suite allows team members to request holidays, sickness and training leave, and has an approval workflow (with notifications) and logging for all absences. Users can attach medical certificates, and designate aspects such as the type of training being undertaken. It is also possible to export all absences as needed.


Skills Management is particularly important for TSG and consultancies in general, and Affino now lets you define the skills matrix throughout the organisation and supports the review and development of each team member’s skill sets with powerful workflows and management dashboard. Through the HR Skills component, TSG can quickly and easily match requirements of a project or task with the best person / consultant for the job.


Affino rolled out flexible contact capture capabilities so that TSG can now capture delegates against any sale. Crucially TSG can determine whether it is a fixed or flexible number of delegates being captured. They can then automatically be mapped on to CRM contacts and the new details used to update the CRM contact details. They can also automatically be dynamically added to Contact Lists. To maximise the TSG team’s productivity we have further developed a dedicated management interface for the attendees so that they can be quickly sorted, filtered and exported for each training session.





TSG has re-branded, launched the main brand site, and migrated over the main CRM accounts, contacts and all tasks and notes. These were the priorities and have been completed successfully.


The TSG advisory team uses the core new Human Resources suite: Time-sheets, Absence Management and Skills Management. These tools are now at the heart of it’s day-to-day operations on the advisory side and provide the convenience and granularity looked for.


With the launch of the Contact Capture capabilities, the next step is going to be moving all the training promotion and ecommerce elements to Affino so that all the training aspects are managed in the same centralised manner - so that TSG can start to really benefit from the single customer record and the integrated audience and Sales CRM.

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