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Drive your Business Forward with the Most Powerful Digital Business Engine

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Formula 1 cars are the wonder of the automotive engineering world. Precision-tuned every season and constantly adapted to meet new rules and regulations. Utilising thousands of components working together in perfect harmony under some of the most extreme conditions encountered beyond the surface of the Sun. The engine needs to withstand the most incredible fluctuations, heat and pressure, while maintaining perfect operating conditions over an extended period of duress.


The very best vehicle is not enough, it needs to be piloted by the right calibre of talent and ably assisted by sharp-minded and agile support crews. We supply the business engine end of the solution - you simply need to staff and run it. Don’t deny yourself the best vehicle just because your number one competitor is using it - you certainly won’t want to be left too far behind.


We indeed engineer and build business vehicles in much the same manner- fully joined-up and full-spectrum engineering marvels which bring together all those technologies you need to dominate your sector or niche for years to come. We call it The Affino Unified Digital Business Platform and for our Clients it is their primary business driver.




Affino delivers a complete digital front-end, encompassing CRM, CMS, DAM, Ecommerce, Messaging, Social, Sales, Marketing & Services Automation and Analytics - all in the same seamless solution. It also uniformly contains more specialist solutions for Recruitment, Education, Fundraising and Benchmarking. Affino in essence marshals all your business’s key activities through a single centralised system. It frees up time and resources that would otherwise by used for maintaining integrations and 3rd party apps - so you can concentrate on evolving and growing your digital business rather than just maintaining its infrastructure. No single system comes anywhere near giving you the power Affino has on-tap and ’out-of-the-box’.




Affino’s core Social CRM channels and binds everything together like the very best engine management systems. You have full overview and control over all your customers’ key activities - allowing you to adapt and react on-the-fly to changing conditions and be able to make the most of any and all evolving opportunities. Affino helps you identify, track, monetise and capitalise on all these different opportunities through a wide variety of analytics, targeting, personalization and automation, as well as more than 20 different commercial engines and myriad associated revenue streams.




AKA Leverage in this context - the ability to combine all the different elements together in almost any permutation. Because of all the different components that make up Affino, and the way they dove-tail into one another, you have wholly unprecedented scope for absorbing and swiftly taking advantage of business intelligence across all areas of contact. Affino logs all activities and identifies users’ / customers’ progress along the different stages of the ’Customer Ladder’. From such an extended data set you can exert the maximum leverage and impact on those customers and their activities.




Affino’s 50+ Conversion Events are the ultimate means of tracking, incentivising, recognising and rewarding customer behaviour. You set up fully automated daisy-chained workflows utilising these trigger events - to fully engage, message, up-sell, promote and gift - points, privileges and even real monetary credits. This is full through-the line engagement, with trigger points right along the process and progress of engagement. Affino’s singular architecture puts it in a very unique position to make such immediate impact and traction on any stage of engagement, it empowers businesses to do certain things that just can’t be done with any other system.




Part and parcel of such a uniformly seamless and unified platform is the inherent productivity natively enabled. You can accomplish wide-ranging and wide-reaching tasks with the application of relatively few settings and usually in record time. Affino is architected on the principles of ’Global Settings’ to allow swift and massive changes to most content and structure in the fewest moves possible. Utilities like Bulk Updaters and the DIY Design Centre allow you to achieve really quite complex tasks with relative ease. Equally, you can achieve amazing output with the smallest of teams. Many Affino sites are run by just a handful of people who build, populate, target and engage the most enormous of audiences with smart content and resources. And with larger teams the world truly is you oyster - as you can compete with multinational behemoths on a relatively equal footing. Some of our most progressive Clients can build and deploy new digital businesses on a monthly basis - not just introductory sites, but all- singing and dancing dynamic engagement business solutions with multiple revenue streams attached.

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