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Soar While Your Competitors Flap

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Running a multidisciplinary digital business is usually hard work, and can be considerably complex for anyone trying to maintain a dynamic digital presence. In fact most companies do themselves few favours either by having an overly convoluted solutions and systems setups - often utilising 20 or more disparate technologies to provide the full-service solution stack. Not only is this approach more vulnerable to security issues, as most data is hacked in transition, but several such solutions rely on 3rd party cookies too - which can easily be disabled by ad-blockers and privacy tools - thus neutralising several revenue streams.


The Affino Unified Digital Business Platform is a complete digital front-end solution for seamless customer journeys with single customer views. Meaning instead of having to operate with lots of different databases and deploy significant resources to just maintain a multitude of integrations, Affino’s single-source approach provides you with everything you need to oversee all your key customer activities. The Affino solution uses a single core database for everything, and covers Analysis, CMS and CRM, CDN and DAM, Ecommerce and Funding, Community and Engagement, Events and Recruitment, alongside Process, Sales and Marketing Automation.


This singular approach presents a more consistent and higher quality experience, and for both admin and end-users - provides single screen views which unify actions, interaction and transactions. The system simply works together out-of-the box, and utilises robust Amazon cloud hosting, with auto-scaling and auto-recovery - to cope with most growth and extreme business scenarios. Those deploying Affino can be confident that their core activities just work, freeing staff up from infrastructure maintenance tasks, and allowing businesses to concentrate more on service innovation, evolution and transformation.


Others have to work much harder to maintain a similar digital operation and presence - putting you in a better position to take most advantage of your chosen marketplace and sector.


There are 10 key Affino benefits which enable your business to Soar (Alphabetical):




A side-effect of Control and Empowerment (q.v.) - when you are more in control of your systems, and have more power on tap, you can react far more quickly to changing business / environmental conditions. Digital technology and the Internet are in continuous flux, and the fact that Affino keeps seamlessly evolving, means you can rapidly transform and adapt to any new challenges or changes to your own specific business environment.




Improved Process, Workflow and Sales and Marketing Automation. In fact Affino has more than 50 Customer Ladder Conversion Events - which allow you to target, incentivise, motivate and reward your various target customers for pretty much any activity they engage in with you.




When you have more functionality instantly accessible and available through a core single unified system, and are not so reliant on integrations with disparate 3rd party solutions, you can exercise far more control over your variable resources - human, financial and otherwise. You have conversely very little control over 3rd party integrations whose functionality and viability can change at very short notice.




Affino is developed to allow the admin user to accomplish more, and be far less reliant on developer assistance - via dozens of different settings profiles and admin-user-friendly interfaces like Design Centre - you can do things yourself within Affino, which you would not be able to do with comparable systems.




Because Affino has so much functionality on tap, you have more ways to connect, communicate and engage with your customers. All these activities can be tracked and leveraged off each and every end-user - whether suspect, prospect or customer. And you various engagement processes can be daisy-chained together using Process Automation / Conversion Events and Workflows.




Within Affino’s single-source solution, there are 30+ commercial engines with which you can make money through your site / digital business. You can sell upstream or downstream in multiple manners, including memberships, subscriptions, on-demand, uploads and downloads - as well as just straight-forward unit / product sales. Affino uniquely combines digital with real-world and allows you to create smart hybrid bundles which combine the two, e.g. print with digital subscriptions.




Do more with less in essence. Because Affino is built on self-service principles, admin users have much more power on tap, more seamlessly connected, and more instantly actionable. A small team can accomplish the output of twice as many personnel, and a big team can accomplish almost anything.





Affino has been utilising the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud since its earliest days, using both Scalr and Amazon proprietary Scaling and Auto-Recovery Solutions. We also provide staging and regular cloud and alternative backups for those that need such. This approach allows you to grow and scale your business rapidly, reliably and efficiently.




The very core nature of Affino is built on evolution and ongoing change. Unlike most systems, you rarely need to start from scratch with Affino once you have established a presence - you can simply hone and adapt ongoingly - phasing in new look and feel and new functionality. Very larger wholesale changes can be introduced iteratively too, without overly distracting normal business.




With everything concentrated through a single-source solution, it is far easier to maintain a uniform and universal appeal - both in terms of user engagement and design appeal, not to mention seamlessness of experience too.


Note - For a full list of Affino’s Commercial Engines and Conversion Events read: ’5 to 100 Ways Affino Improves your Business’.

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