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The Affino Brand represents both the Company of Experts and the Unified Digital Business Platform. The company was founded in August 2009 to continue development, delivery and support of the Affino Platform. Affino is a modern, distributed business, utilising the very latest business and communications technologies to deliver leading edge digital business solutions. Affino provides comprehensive and holistic business solutions by nature of Affino's complete digital front-end architecture. Affino solutions are typified by mobile-optimised seamless customer journeys, which deliver a Single Customer View - for the digital business owners as well as the customers.

Affino Expertise and Collaboration

Affino is comprised of seasoned experts in the fields of Business Analysis & Development, Consultancy, Systems Architecture, Application Development, Project Management, Branding & Design and Technology Infrastructure & Hosting. Affino immerses itself within its customers' businesses - absorbing and understanding their culture and purpose, and works alongside their key staff to deliver ongoing improvements on how those businesses are run and realized.

Key Affino Team Members

Markus Karlsson

Markus Karlsson

CEO | Founder

Markus is the linchpin and main figurehead for the Affino dynasty. He's a brilliant business analyst and systems architect who has an uncanny knack of getting right under the skin of things and figuring out how to improve them. He was the original author of the Affino platform back in 1998, and has overseen and witnessed first-hand most of the key technological advances that shape our digital futures.

Stefan Karlsson

CMO | Founder

As a co-founder of Affino, and the one who originated the Affino name and brand, Stefan has a particularly keen sense for creating and originating smartly targeted brand assets and collateral for Affino and its Clients. Another of his key roles within Affino is as Director of Client Services, where he oversees training, support and account management.
Stefan Karlsson
Jonathan Collins

Jonathan Collins

CCO | Business Development

Jonathan's savvy approach to business development is shaped by an unwavering desire to get the best out of his fellow humans. Jonathan always looks for the possibility in everything, in particular the possibility for making things better. Markus and Jonathan form a very tight operations unit - which specialises in deep discovery that yields business intelligence like no other.

Julius Metyko

Lead Developer

Julius is the chief protector and conduit of the Affino Unified Digital Business Platform. A quite superb database engineer, he oversees proceedings with a quiet confidence and steely determination. He ensures that we continue to get the very best out of the Affino Development Team, as well as of course the Affino Platform itself.
Julius Metyko
Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Head of Design & Build

Everything that comes out of Affino benefits from Mark's added polish and flair. One of the most productive designers in the industry, Mark's output has a singular elegance and refined purpose. As a practitioner of the applied arts, Mark's designs convey additional meaning and carry stronger brand values. He is unerringly consistent in delivering unexpectedly smart interpretations to briefs.

Quang Luong

Product Director

Quang is the central authority and arbiter on Affino specification and direction of the platform. His legacy as a Web Manager has seen numerous awards garnered along the way, and he consistently applies formidable scientific and usability rationale to ensure the best possible experience for admins and end-users alike. He brings with him an extra layer of quality to add to his default position of quietly considered attention to detail.
Quang Luong
Susan Kerrigan

Susan Kerrigan

Head of Projects

Susan's many years in the industry give her a certain quiet, composed confidence in dealing with the most complicated of issues. She approaches every project with a healthy degree of consideration and preparation. Projects are usually only as well organised as their overseers, and Susan is very well organised indeed.

Sam Kennell

Operations Manager

Sam chiefly heads up recruitment, financial services and sales support for Affino. She is tightly knit into the organisation of the company's most valuable assets, and has responsibilites in events management too. Sam projects a confident air of authority and does a nice sideline as the company's chief enforcer.
Sam Kennell


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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year