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Is the iPhone X really worth it?

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So, following another fairly hype-laden Apple keynote presentation, it turns out that most of the products introduced were actually pretty decent. For the first time I am sort of interested in the Apple Watch, and I will definitely be upgrading my Apple TV at some stage in the near future. Pricing for each of those items was pretty much in line with expectations really - i.e. £400 and £200 respectively.


I found the introduction of the new iPhone 8 versions a little ...

Thinnest is not always best!

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Before I get into the details of my 10 cents worth on this, I need to categorically state that yes! I am an iPhone 6 Plus owner myself. Having just recently returned from two weeks in Iceland, I was a little behind the curve on reserving my phone, and had to travel to Watford to secure the model I was after - this last Tuesday in fact.


By happenstance, on the same day I acquired said phone, ’Bendgate’ was just starting to rear its ugly head, and this is before the ’...

Apple finally delivers much needed feature-set with iPhone 6

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My last iPhone review happens to coincide with my current iPhone - the 4S.


I wrote [then] under ’Misses’:

  • No 4" Screen
  • No 4G
  • No NFC
  • No real chassis improvements - same but different antenna, same fragile glass sandwich

I also wrote back in 2010, a prescient article called ’Mobile Commerce - The New Currency’ all about the kind of Apple Pay functionality (NFC) which was announced in yesterday’s Keynote address.(Albeit now with the even more clever ...

iTunes is ruining the Apple experience

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As most will know by now, I am a huge music fan and buy an album or two or three pretty much every week, as well as a variety of singles and EPs. My iPhone’s primary purpose really is as a personal jukebox - with 50GB typically dedicated to MP3s. Because of the limited space available on the iPhone - max 64GB for the last three generations, I constantly need to chop and change my selections as I add new albums to my playlists - these constant updates seem to exacerbate the syncing and ...

Participation is the future of everything on the Internet

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We people want to be involved in everything today - we want our say, we want our opinions to be heard and shared, and we want to be able to express ourselves artistically through clever parodies, skits and remixes of popular social media.

There’s a brilliant, brief TED talk (below) by

- where he tries to identify how out of millions of hours of video - phenomena ’
’, ’
’ and ’
’ managed to stand out. Of course there are a myriad of causal factors there, ...

Movie studios are unwittingly encouraging piracy by delaying film rentals

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Warner Bros started off this stupidity by increasing their initial 28 day retail to rental window to 56 days. Now Disney is considering a 28-day rental window of its own. On the same day that the Bridesmaids movie announces record online rentals / on-demand views - approaching 5 million views in four months.

Do these movie studios not realise that the majority of people now watch rentals, and ongoingly, fewer and fewer DVDs and even movie downloads will be sold - as for most people, seeing a ...

Internet Explorer Browser Usage drops below 50% market share for the first time

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The latest Ars Technica browser usage figures show that Internet Explorer has dropped below 50% market share for the first time - for combined browsing platforms (Desktop + Mobile)


Combined Browser Market Share October 2011


Internet Explorer 49.59%
Firefox 21.20%
Chrome 16.60%
Safari 8.72%
Opera 2.55%
Android Browser 0.76%



RIM gets in on October launch fest with a Porsche-designed gem of its own

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With all the column inches these days being devoted to the 3-way tussle between iOS, Android and Windows platforms, and each seeing a new platform flagship phone launch in October, RIM obviously thought they would need to maintain current mindshare by launching a flagship model of their own.

This BlackBerry flagship is a Porsche Design P’9981 - based on the 9900 Bold model - but made with premium materials, and having its own unique skinned interface. It comes up very slightly larger than ...

Is Nokia's Gorgeous Lumia 800 enough to get it back in the Smartphone Race?

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In the wake of the slightly disappointing iPhone 4S and equally disappointing Galaxy Nexus launches, we now have the supposed saviour of both Nokia and the Windows Mobile Platform to contend with.

Much has been written about the fabuolous usability of the Metro Tiles which are the cornerstones of the Windows experience, versus the app icons of Android and iOS. For those that first come to Windows Mobile, the interface initially seems highly intuitive and seemingly the wave of the future. However...

Google and Samsung herald the future of Android by way of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

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As with the iPhone 5! launch (actually iPhone 4S as it turned out) there was lot of hype around the launch of the new official Google Phone. There were rumours of a super processor of 1.7Ghz, a 10MP camera on the reverse and an ingenious new form factor.

Both phones benefitted from major version releases of operating systems - Android updating to 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), whilst iPhone 4S jumped up to iOS 5.

For me, I am actually a little disappointed with both launches. Neither one is really the ...

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