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120 Years of Icelandic Art - 9 Favourite Artists and Artworks

IcelandIcelandic ArtIcelandic Artists

This post was inspired bizarrely by an advertisement in the ’Seaman’s Day’ issue of ’Fiskifréttir’ - an Icelandic fishing industry weekly which my Dad brought with him when he last made a visit. Seaman’s Day is a public holiday in Iceland (first weekend in June) to celebrate all those who work at sea and in related fishing industries. This issue featured another advertisement by Icelandic bank Landsbankinn featuring the unique talents of Iceland’...

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Making Icelandic Style Hot Dogs in the UK with the Very Best Ingredients Available

Bæjarins BeztuHot DgosIcelandPylsurRemoulade+-

So anyone who knows anything about Iceland knows that its ’Soul Food’ is Pylsur - or full-on triple-condiment Hot Dogs! Iceland’s most famous take-away is ’Bæjarins Beztu’ (Best in Town) right in the heart of Reykjavík, although there are a few more branches nowadays - and near enough every snack shack or ’Sjoppa’ offers a version of these. You typically ask for ’Eina með öllu’ or one with everything meaning - Ketchup, ...

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Affino CEO Markus receives Viking Clap at 2016 TTG Travel Awards

AffinoIcelandJohn BishopTTGTTG Travel AwardsViking Clap+-

Last night’s annual TTG Travel Awards were attended by our CEO Markus Karlsson and CCO Jonathan Collins. Affino was there to hand out the award for Luxury Hotel & Resort Operator of the Year - which went to LUX* Resorts & Hotels. In the picture above are superb host for the proceedings John Bishop, TTG Editor Pippa Jacks, LUX* Account Manager Sarah McGlynn, and of course our illustrious leader Markus.


Through some happy serendipity the recipient was taking the air when ...

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Icelandic Hip Hop Bubbling Over

CultureIcelandIceland MusicIceland Music SceneIcelandic Hip Hopmusic+-

What Quarashi kicked off in the 90’s has become a fully fledged movement, and is now a significant part of the Icelandic music scene. Inspired by The Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine, Quarashi achieved some moderate success on both sides of the pond (USA + Iceland). They are still my favourite representatives of the genre for Iceland, and currently on a comeback, with recent ’Chicago’ single and new album due out imminently. They are the only significant act that ...

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Why the Panama Papers are Important for all citizens and what they say about the state of our World

Corporate Social ResponsibilityDummy CompaniesIcelandIcelandic GovernmentMoney LaunderingMoralityMossack FonsecaOffshoringPanama PapersPolitical CorruptionPolitical EthicsShell CompaniesTax Havens+-

I first caught hold of this incredible exposé on Sunday night when I happened upon a same-day recording of Iceland’s topical TV news program ’Kastljós’ in which Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson was repeatedly asked for his views on offshore tax havens and whether he had ever made use of such arrangements. He said no to every question and voiced his opposition to such underhanded behaviour only to be confronted with his own underhanded ...

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Iceland's Bárðarbunga volcano is still erupting continuously

AskjaBárðarbungaCalderaDyngjujökullEarthquakesEruptionEyjafjallajökullHeklaHoluhraunIcelandKatlaNorthern LightsSeismic ActivityVatnajökullVolcano EruptionVolcano Eruption 2014Volcanoes+-

I have just returned from a two week vacation in Iceland, and was fortunate enough to join in a sightseeing fly-by of the current Bárðarbunga / Holuhraun eruption. The above picture (not related to my fly-by) is courtesy of Paolo Sicoli and captures the essential magic of Iceland, in this instance two of nature’s most wonderful phenomena - volcanic eruption with the added sparkle of the northern lights.


Flight NY 1808 was a special scheduled daytime flight by national ...

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Iceland's Nature Pass Dilemma

IcelandIceland Natural WonderIceland NatureIceland Nature AccessIceland Nature PassIceland TourismIcelandic NatureMovies Shot in IcelandNature of IcelandVisit Iceland+-

Anyone who has visited Iceland knows that the main attraction is its beautiful raw and unfettered natural wonders. We took our colleagues a couple of years ago and visited all the key sites along the south coast of Iceland - as far east as Jökulsárlón - you can see that report [here]. Iceland is very much in vogue at the moment with several major recent Hollywood blockbusters - Prometheus, Oblivion, Thor 2, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Noah and Game of Thrones all filmed on ...

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Brother Kalli wins Icelandic Arctic Open Golf Championship

24 Hour Golf24 hours of daylightAkureyriAkureyri Golf ClubArctic Open Golf ChampionshipGolfGolfing in IcelandIcelandKarl JónssonMidnight SunNorthern Iceland+-

Our brother Kalli (Karl - see main picture) adds more silverware to his trophy cabinet by winning the Arctic Open Golf Championship - which takes place in Iceland’s capital of the north - Akureyri - under the midnight sun.


In the north of Iceland at this time of year the sun never sets - it really just skims the horizon - giving you 24 hours of daylight - perfect for round-the-clock golf. It helped this year that Iceland had its second best ever June on record - temperatures at ...

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Comrz Team-building in Iceland thrives in all kinds of weather

Blue LagoonComrzComrz TeamGeysirGullfossIcelandJökulsárlónKeriðRáðhúsiðReykjavikSkógafossTeam Building+-

Our journey started with a 06:40 flight from EasyJet’s Hub - the typically budget airline misleadingly named London Luton. As Iceland is on GMT time all-year-round, we arrived at the ridiculously early time of 08:40 (local time) after a 3 hour flight. Our parents had graciously agreed to pick us up at the airport in two cars, and stopped en-route to the Alba Guesthouse at our town’s local bakery for a fresh / refreshing breakfast (


We then dropped our cases ...

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What I got up to in Iceland!

Blue LagoonDay's Out in IcelandDining in IcelandHarpaHotel RangaIcelandIceland RestaurantsIceland SpaIceland Website RankingIcelandic WebsitesInternet in IcelandLaugar SpaModernusReykjavik Nightlifesocial commercesocial networking+-

Yes indeed - I’ve just returned from a two week break home to Iceland, and it turned out to be even more action-packed than usual. To save me much repetition over the next few days, and in part to offer a decent reference point for my many friends and acquaintances who have indicated a desire to visit Iceland (soon Lucas!), I thought it might come in handy to commit the trip overview to a single blog post.

As anyone who knows our extended family (La Familia) is aware, we like to take ...

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