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Adblocking up 30% in past year

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PageFair and The New York Times recently published the most recent stats on adblocking globally. In the past year, the number of users employing ad-blocking software has risen to roughly 11% of the global Internet audience, equating to some 600 million devices.


Many companies have tried to outsmart adblocking or ban it in one way or another, but as we keep reiterating - adblocking is about far more than just mitigating advertising revenues. The risk of malware / malvertisements has ...

100% Audience Access, Income and Insight

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There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what ad blockers do, and about what their real impact is. Several different strategies have emerged to deal with ad blockers, from outright access blocking to gentle consumer petitioning. Yet there is only one genuinely successful way to deal with ad blockers - which is to serve up properly vetted ads natively.


I talk of ’properly vetted ads’ as the downside of programmatic advertising is the lack of significant validation - ...

Getting Ahead with an Affino Ad-Blocking Audit

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Ad Blockers have been responsible for reversals in fortune for an enormous variety of websites and digital properties. In Western Europe, and in countries like Germany and Poland, the proportion of web users deploying some form of ad blocker or privacy tools is getting into the region of nearly 50%. In the UK, the figure is currently around 20% and growing fast.


In several scenarios, it’s a case of digital property owners really not knowing what they don’t know - meaning ...

FCC fines Verizon Wireless for surreptitiously deploying SuperCookies on its Customers

Privacy Verizon Cookie Armageddon cookies Privacy Protection Ad Blocking SuperCookies FCC Verizon Wireless Mobile Service Providers Internet Service Providers + -

Once more the dark side of advertising rears its ugly head, as the FCC fines Verizon Wireless $1.35 million for its ongoing use of unsolicited and covert ’SuperCookies’ tracking technology, fully intended to follow its customers’ movements right across the Internet. The new ruling likely mandates that both wireless and fixed broadband providers must get permission from users before tracking their behaviour online in such a manner.


The SuperCoookies being deployed are ...

UK Culture Secretary is somewhat misguided in his condemnation of Ad Blockers

Consumer Rights Cookie Armageddon Privacy Tools Ad Blocking Ad Blockers Adblockers Advertising Industry Adblock-alypse UK Culture Secretary John Whittingdale IAB Advertising Best Practice Internet Advertising Consumer Protection + -

A recent article in the Guardian quotes UK Culture Secretary John Whittingdale calling out adblocking companies as a ’modern-day protection racket’. By this he is having a go at their ’whitelisting’ services where many of the ad blocking services take payment for whitelisting particular providers - these though can still be screened out by end-users. He cites that ad blockers are putting news delivery services, as well as the music industry in mortal peril and must be ...

5 Strategies for dealing with Ad Blockers

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Like it or not Ad Blockers are here to stay and their impact is growing every day. Germany and Poland already passed 50% last year, the rest of the world’s browser-based audience is catching up fast, and there’s no mystery as to why all this is happening. Ads are generally woefully poorly targeted (I got a Pampers pre-roll ad on a Nine Inch Nails Vevo Video???), too invasive and pervasive, eat into your bandwidth costs, slow down you page loading speeds, often carry malware, and ...

Ad Blockers getting smarter, Advertisers still crying foul!

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There’s been a lot of news of late about what different publishers are doing about ad blockers and how B2B publications in particular are skewed much more in favour of their advertisers than their actual readership. At the start, ad blockers simply blocked off 3rd party cookies and Flash, but they’re now getting craftier and more far-reaching as concerns what types of content they block.


The smarter ad blockers know that advertisers are switching to animated GIFs and HTML5,...

Impact of Cookie Armageddon growing and set to escalate further with new Safari browser

Cookie Armageddon Privacy Protection Privacy Tools 3rd Party Cookes iOS 9 Safari 9.0 Ad Blocking Cookie Blocking Website Cookies Cookie Controls + -

The above visual demonstrates the impact of Cookie blocking on a typical commercial website; all 3rd party services on the referenced site have been blocked by a privacy tool like Ghostery, meaning:

  • No Ads
  • No Registration / Sign Ups
  • No Search
  • No Social Sharing
  • No Classifieds
  • No Native Ads
  • No Sponsorship
  • No Analytics or Tracking
  • No Personalisation
  • No Video
  • No Lead Generation

These are just some of the services that are typically rendered via 3rd party cookies, and all of these ...

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