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Ad Blockers have been responsible for reversals in fortune for an enormous variety of websites and digital properties. In Western Europe, and in countries like Germany and Poland, the proportion of web users deploying some form of ad blocker or privacy tools is getting into the region of nearly 50%. In the UK, the figure is currently around 20% and growing fast.


In several scenarios, it’s a case of digital property owners really not knowing what they don’t know - meaning that most are largely unaware of what proportion of their users deploy ad-blockers, and what the total impact of that is on their business; and Ad-Blockers block so much more than just ads. It’s been a while since ad-blockers started screening out any and all 3rd party cookie functions. They now target all manner of code elements including JavaScript, animated gifs, and even specifically named files or code constructs.


Affino evolved its Ad-Blocking Audit to give its customers complete and comprehensive insight into how ad-blockers were impacting on their businesses - in terms of concealing the total user audience, preventing their sign-up and participation, and how such activities would impact on the bottom line of the business. We’ve already covered in numerous articles how Ad-Blockers can wholly short-circuit a website’s core functionality, including registrations, analytics, ecommerce and most forms of user interaction and participation.


Following 7 days of data gathering, Affino produces an in-depth report detailing the overall impact of ad-blockers on the business, and how each impact point might be mitigated and resolved.


The 7 day audit is wholly effective in indicating the underlying restrictions to services and evolving trends, and starts at £5,000 (single site, dependent on numbers of visitors), and includes:

  • On-site Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) policy review
  • Third Party Service Provider service level agreement (SLA) review
  • Third Party Service performance review
  • 7 Day Content Blocking analysis with daily stats on percentage blocking, total audience reach, broken down by browser, country and device type
  • Audience Gap Analysis
  • Revenue Loss Analysis
  • Detailed report with topline statistics and strategic recommendations


For more information, please feel free to comment below, or contact our Commercial Lead - Jonathan Collins via or +44 (0)20 3393 3240.


The below screencap shows some of the key datapoints / graphs from the 7 day audit dashboard.

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