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Stefan's Naturally Aspirated Blog

PPA Awards 2021 Innovation of the Year

The PPA Awards seem to have come around very quickly again, as it really doesn’t seem to be that long since we last participated.


This time around we are sponsoring the highly Affino-relevant PPA Innovation of the Year Award. Affino has always been all about Innovation - and our very own keynote event is of course the annual Affino Innovation Briefing. So it makes perfect sense for us to be involved in this category at the forthcoming PPA awards - due to take place virtually / ...

Key Learnings from the PPA Leadership Summit Live Events Think Tank moderated by Affino and AgriBriefing

AffinoAgriBriefingDigitising Live EventsLAMMA 365Live EventsMonetising Live EventsPPA Leadership SummitThink Tank+-
2021 PPA Summit Live Events Think Tank

Affino once more partnered with AgriBriefing, to focus on the recently-launched LAMMA 365 website and digital platform - in order to showcase and debate the topic ’Digitising, Diversifying and Adding Value to Live Events’.


This was in many ways a repeat performance for Marjan Askins, Digital and Technology Lead at AgriBriefing, of her superb presentation at the Affino Innovation Briefing event (Login required) - with a tighter focus around the live events.


We had ...

Website Statistics are Badly Misused

Since the onset of GDPR and equally fairly recent browser privacy changes where tracking requires user consent, the bottom has sort of fallen out of the 3rd Party Cookie Stats Tracking Apps as roughly only 1 in 5 users are currently consenting to be tracked. And even dramatically with Apple’s new option to opt out of 3rd party tracking in all its apps in iOS 14.5 - with around 95% of users having opted out.


We know from our own fully incorporated Affino native site tracking and ...

May The Fourth Be With You! Looking forward to a Year or two in Star Wars Audiovisual Entertainment

DisneyDisney+LucasFilmMay the 4th be with youMay the force be with youMay the fourth be with youStar WarsStar Wars Day+-

For a change I will be skipping the usual Star Wars Merch - Lego, Figurines and the like. Instead I am focusing on the wealth of forthcoming Disney / Lucasfilm / Disney+ content - where no less than 15 New Franchises have been announced, as well as the continuation of the well-loved Mandalorian Series. It will be interesting to see how that pans out with the essential side-kick Groku displaced from the main narrative.


In any case there are some fantastic new TV series and Films ...

TTG Media Website Visual Guide

AffinoTravelTTGTTG Media+- is a multiple award-winning Website and Digital Platform running on Affino. During the month of April, TTG’s Paywall has been partly suspended - meaning that much of the site has been opened up so that prospective users can sample the extent of value-added content and services provided.


The site is rich in depth and breadth - with no less than 36 key topic landing pages, Competitions, Events, and of course the invaluable TTG+ Membership resources - including the Live...


PPA’s Leadership Summit is the key annual event for C-Suite Executive Leaders from the Publishing Industry. The two day program covers a wide variety of themes and subject areas, including :

  • Building Engagement and Reader Value
  • Commercial Patnerships
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Economy
  • Digitising Live Events
  • Hybrid Events
  • Hybrid Working
  • The Impact of Covid-19 on the Future of Work
  • Monetising Digital Events
  • Podcasts
  • Risk Management
  • Subscriptions and Memberships

On the first ...

Access all the Resources from the Affino Innovation Briefing on a Single Contextual Page

Affino EventsAffino Innovation BriefingEvents Awards & DirectoriesKeynote Address+-

If you missed last Thursday’s Affino annual keynote event, or simply wish to recap or reminisce - then you will find all the resources and original presentations on the Affino Innovation Briefing page - in different formats. You can access the page via the SERVICES drop-down menu in the navigation. This will only be visible to logged-in users! Meaning that all who wish to access these resources need to be Registered and logged in.


There are 4 main segments to the page ...

Ocean Media Group in partnership with Social - Seizes the Initiative with the New Affino-run Unlock Net Zero launch

Carbon CaptureCarbon NeutralEco-friendly housingGreen EnergyNet Zero Cabon EmissionsOcean Media GroupSocialSolar PowerUnlock Net Zero+-
Unlock Net Zero

Fairly recent 2019 legislation has bound the UK to achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 - as applied specifically on this occasion to the nature of domestic housing and buildings.


This makes for increased reliance on green energy sources - and in particular the use of solar panels and evolving carbon capture technologies. Projected costs for adapting the typical building for Carbon Neutral Emissions, range from circa £2,500 to an eye-watering £50,000 per home.


The Affino Innovation Briefing 2021 Event takes place online, next Thursday, the 25th of March

Affino EventsAffino Innovation BriefingAffino Innovation Briefing 2021Events Awards & Directories+-
Affino Innovation Brefing

Affino’s Innovation Briefings have been a regular annual occurrences over the last several years - where we take customers and prospects through the Affino Platform development and service highlights for the past year. Covid alas kind of disrupted the schedule for 2020, and so we we find ourselves doing our annual review at the end of March this year instead - a sort of Spring refresher.


For the last few years we’ve taken over a wing of the One Alfred Place building just ...

Affino's Unified Business Platform at the Core of Charity Digital's Popular 'Be More Digital Conference' Live Virtual Event - alongside Zoom and Remo

Affino Events HubAffino SeminarsBe More DigitalCharity DigitalEvents Awards & DirectoriesEvents HubLive EventsWebinars+-

Everyone involved in event productions knows just how much organisation is needed for Live Events. Every such event has various phases which require a suite of events solutions and a means to target and inform the audience.


In this instance the essential coordinating resource at the centre of activities is the Affino Unified Business Platform which delivers the Events Hub and Webinar Sessions Framework.


You need charismatic Presenters, Moderators and Hosts - with relatively ...

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2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year