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Apple's forthcoming Privacy and Security Centric iOS 14 Update has Media and Ad owners, and their Ad Platform suppliers worried

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Security and Privacy

We’ve known about Apple’s incoming iOS and general operating ecosystem changes for a while now - and have reported the key points in our fairly recent Privacy Details and Tracking Permissions article. Apple is very much doing the right thing for customers and customer protections here in fully properly incorporating ’Explicit Consent’, and privacy first principles into every part of its operation.


For far too long unscrupulous Advertisers, Trackers and Platforms...


All our staff at Affino have been using the Ghostery Browser Privacy plugin from the start - to be able to view exactly what 3rd Party Trackers there are on a particular page / website - and to opt out of, and screen those as appropriate.


Apple has pretty much taken Ghostery’s approach and baked it into its own Safari browser across all devices in the upcoming iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur releases, as well as its Apps environment / ecosystem. Which means that customers / ...

iTunes No-Downloads Rumours are bad news for both Consumers and Musicians

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We’ve seen a number of rumours floating about - stating that Apple / iTunes is looking to suspend its iTunes Downloads Store some time around March 2019 onwards. The end result of this being less choice for consumers and still lower revenues for musicians - who already face diminishing returns across the board.


It’s likely another nail in the coffin of the Apple Eco-System (for me) and will probably accelerate my departure from the Apple platform - as Music has been one of ...

Is the iPhone X really worth it?

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So, following another fairly hype-laden Apple keynote presentation, it turns out that most of the products introduced were actually pretty decent. For the first time I am sort of interested in the Apple Watch, and I will definitely be upgrading my Apple TV at some stage in the near future. Pricing for each of those items was pretty much in line with expectations really - i.e. £400 and £200 respectively.


I found the introduction of the new iPhone 8 versions a little ...

The day Apple jumped the shark

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Apple has just launched a really badly designed product for the first time now in over a decade and a half. This follows some significant foot-in-mouth manoeuvring where it decried and swore it would never make a bigger iPhone, or iPad, never create a ’netbook’ category product and certainly not entertain a stylus as an input device.


Steve Jobs criticised and ridiculed competitors for doing what Apple actually later copied itself. At the end of the day though, he was a ...

iOS 9 Launch marks start of Mobilegeddon proper

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Last Friday saw the official launch of Apple’s iOS 9 - which gives mobile users access to privacy controls on their browser - meaning an effective ad blocker / 3rd party cookie blocker for all those iPhone and iPad users. This will mean that many businesses which are heavily reliant on banner-advertising revenues, will need to recalibrate their approaches or suffer significant falls in revenue.


"iOS tools like ’Crystal’ give people the ability to remove mobile web ...

Apple Music - The Verdict

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I will preface this article by saying that I am a long term music fanatic - having amassed some circa 10,000 12" records over the years, as well as a considerable volume of CDs - music is a constant in my every waking moment. Over the past 10 years I have gradually and almost fully transitioned to digital. I’ve been using iTunes since 2010, and am an early adopter of Spotify. I buy between 2 and 10 albums worth of music on roughly a weekly basis - this comes from a variety of sources - ...

Apple Mints Fool's Gold

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In the past, Apple has relied on specialist companies to ’bling’ up its devices for the super-rich, who’ll pretty much put down a deposit on anything the slightest bit golden. There are a number of customization companies which will switch out device casings with precious metals and alloys and encrust with precious stones. Apple obviously fancies a slice of that action and has a version of its new Apple Watch due to retail for £13,500 at the end of April. This is pricey ...

Thinnest is not always best!

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Before I get into the details of my 10 cents worth on this, I need to categorically state that yes! I am an iPhone 6 Plus owner myself. Having just recently returned from two weeks in Iceland, I was a little behind the curve on reserving my phone, and had to travel to Watford to secure the model I was after - this last Tuesday in fact.


By happenstance, on the same day I acquired said phone, ’Bendgate’ was just starting to rear its ugly head, and this is before the ’...

Apple finally delivers much needed feature-set with iPhone 6

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My last iPhone review happens to coincide with my current iPhone - the 4S.


I wrote [then] under ’Misses’:

  • No 4" Screen
  • No 4G
  • No NFC
  • No real chassis improvements - same but different antenna, same fragile glass sandwich

I also wrote back in 2010, a prescient article called ’Mobile Commerce - The New Currency’ all about the kind of Apple Pay functionality (NFC) which was announced in yesterday’s Keynote address.(Albeit now with the even more clever ...

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