Affino Discovery - a 3D fly-through video introduction to Affino


The above video is the culmination of the best part of 6 months worth of work. These 90 seconds of abstract animation are tasked with metaphorically illustrating Affino’s key proposition, how we work, and how our customers benefit. The vocabulary used also ties it into the Affino Onboard Campaign to a degree, although the individual treatments are quite distinct. The video is best viewed on the dedicated Affino Discovery Video page.


The key purpose of this blog post is to simply spotlight the video, as well as credit the creators and reference what we believe is a great script, which stands up on it own merits too. Thanks to Aspect Film & Video for the creativity and production and to Jimmy Livingstone for the smooth narration. Special thanks to Sam Haire too for the inspired choice in music.

Affino Discovery Script

Every day, Affino is transforming the way businesses work

In a world where communication is increasingly mobile

And where digital technologies are key to a successful customer experience

Affino has evolved a better way for businesses to realise their full digital potential

Affino’s Unified Digital Business Platform runs your key customer activities through a single system

So while everyone else’s approach is fragmented

Affino provides exceptional focus

Having a single overview of all your customers’ key activities is a really big deal

But it’s only a small part of the whole Affino solution

Because to make your business better

We need to fully understand how you work

So when you take Affino onboard, it is the start of a long-term, close-knit partnership

Working alongside you to transform your business

As the digital world keeps changing, you must evolve to succeed

And Affino helps you to stay in control of your destiny

Our seamless approach simplifies the management of your key customer activities

It delivers more potential

More revenue opportunities

More automation

All at speed and at scale

And it does this across all devices

Where ongoing transformation is essential for business success

Only Affino provides you with the whole solution




Original Creative Concept: Aspect Film & Video
Script: Stefan Karlsson, with input from Aspect and Jimmy Livingstone
Creative / Production: Aspect Video - Sam Haire, Tom Carroll, George Shipley, Robin Slater
Narration: Jimmy Livingstone
Music: Because of You by Gareth Johnson and Paul Mottram

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2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year