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The 10 Biggest Benefits of the Affino CRM

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When people think of CRM, most people’s first obvious association is with a separate CRM solution like Salesforce. In Affino, the CRM is the core of a Unified Digital Business Platform - which means it is an integral part in the heart of your business solution and therefore core to the business itself. Affino channels all of a business’s key activities through a single unified platform. Whatever the benefits of utilising a CRM therefore, these are exponentially increased by deploying something like Affino. The trickiest part for most CRMs is integrating them with the the way you work, writing and maintaing APIs and data flows between your different business solutions. Having all of this in Affino gives you more of everything you need with far less overheads, and a much lower cost of doing business altogether.


I’ve extracted 10 of the key benefits realised by Affino:


More Scope


Affino delivers CRM, CMS, DAM, Ecommerce, Messaging, Social, Sales & Marketing Automation and Analytics all through the same seamless solution. All elements feed into each other automatically and without effort, giving you an extremely powerful, centralised tool-set with options in every direction.


More Efficiency


As I touched on in the introduction, using a stand-alone CRM - i.e. one that needs to be integrated with your other solutions, you spend all your time and resources establishing and maintaining connectivity. As everything in Affino is built together, you can spend your time and resources in being entrepreneurial and evolving your business rather than just maintaining it.


More Clarity


Before they moved to Affino, many of our customers used to spend all their time de-duping databases and consolidating their different data streams, each coming from a separate solution. With Affino, everything is seamless, holistic, universal, and above everything - clear and precise, users are wholly unique and there is no unnecessary duplication of form or function.


More Control


Only when you have all your business’s activities routed through the one system (Affino) can you have complete oversight and control over that business. If your solution consists mainly of dozens of disparate integrated technologies, you’re always just a short step / one spontaneous system update away from some form of disconnect.


More Potential


Affino’s maxim has long been ’Realise Your Commercial Potential’ - with 50 Automated Conversion Events reacting to your customers’ every activity, and more than 20 Commercial Engines, all seamlessly connected with the core Affino CRM - you’ve never had as much centralised power, or more potential for generating new and improved sources of revenue.


Single Customer View


Affino’s Unified Platform approach is the epitome of the Single Customer View. All your customers’ activities, every contact, communication and purchase channelled through the same system and viewed in tandem on the same CRM Contacts and Analysis screens.


Better Customer Tracking


Affino does more, and by the same token it tracks more - all the essential usage statistics, first touch, last touch, any activity - defined by the 50 different Conversion Events, never will you have such a breadth and depth of analysis, all encapsulated by the same system.


Better Customer Journeys, Better Customer Care


With Affino you instantly and constantly know what every individual customer is up to - in real time. Automated Conversion Events trigger, react to and shape the customer journey / experience. With Affino you really can react to, recognise and reward each and every one of your customers’ activities.


Better Communication


As we mentioned under Scope, Messaging is one of Affino’s key components alongside the CRM. Personal, SMS and group messages, collaboration, Forums and Group Chat can be triggered in any number of ways - both manually and automatically - in fact any of the 50 Conversion Events can trigger a bespoke message or incentive or offer.


Better Teamwork


It really helps when everyone knows what everyone else is up to. Affino helps teams collaborate on customer support, lead generation, project management, marketing and sales - through a clever system of Contact Notes, Communications and Alerts. As everything is driven through Affino, you get instant and clear information on the exact current status of everything - there is no more confusion as to what needs to be done to move the customer along to the next step of the customer ladder ...



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