Affino September Breakfast Briefing Follow-Up

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We’d like to start by thanking everyone who attended our inaugural breakfast briefing yesterday, and in particular guest speaker James Harley - Head of Marketing at Drewry (pictured presenting above). The three presentations appeared to have gone down well and we received favourable reviews from all who were canvassed.


Both Affino 8 and GDPR will remain somewhat fluid until final launch details are fully clear, and we hope to have a follow-up briefing most likely middle of January (or so) to bring everyone up-to-speed on what has been clarified and actioned since then.


We believe all the key questions that could be answered were covered off during the formal GDPR Q&A, but if you are still seeking further answers we are happy to field more questions - You can comment on this article or contact Markus or JC directly.


As part of this series we will also be introducing a ’Collaboration’ space - to continue the debate online and allow attendees to network and communicate with each other - this will likely be launched in the new year too.


Attached as related items to this article are PDFs of the 3 presentations which should be visible if you are logged in (registration + login required). Some of the information contained within those is sensitive and we ask that you not share or post these anywhere, they are entirely for personal use.



Please feel free to comment and to continue to participate - if you would like us to cover off other specific areas in future briefings let us know this also in the comments below or via the other usual channels.


(Credits - Photo by Quang Luong)

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