Affino 7.5.17 Release - Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes

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We have a new Affino performance update and bug fix release. It is an important release with dozens of essential fixes, and of particular importance for large and busy sites as there are some key performance improvements.


We are in the middle of the Affino 8 development cycle so you will see new features throughout, however these are in most cases still under refinement and will be announced in the next release, or indeed in the Affino 8 release.


Importantly we have two key update notes which are essential reading as we’ve been making some major updates to how the Affino Search and Meta data work in the run up to Affino 8. Please take note below and be prepared to tweak your site(s) after the update. In particular you’ll want to configure your search (Search Profile) and Search DE to work the way you want them.


Note - we have updated the Search Design Element and Search Channel with predictive text. The search profile settings and Search Design Element settings have changed significantly and the styling for the Design Element is now coming from a Design Style. This may impact on the search bar that you have implemented on your site.

Note also - the meta data (e.g. Section, Date, Author, etc) for articles has now been improved to be consistent across Channels and Design Elements. This means that you can control whether to display this information on the listing screen (via the Design Element settings) and detail screen (via the Channel settings). Previously in some cases, there was only one setting on the Channel and so you only had the option of hiding or showing them on both listing and detail. You will need to review particularly the Smart Article Listing Design Element, Search Listing and Prime Content Design Element and any channels where you want to show/hide this information.

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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from the team at Affino

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