Affino 7.5.18 Release - Awards, Seminars, Recruitment, Service Credits & Optimisation

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This is the final major Affino 7.5 release before Affino 8 launches. We have extended Affino in four major ways with the new Awards and Seminars modules; major updates to Recruitment management, including the online sale of job postings, and user self management of job postings; and the re-launch of Service Credits, now fully supported across mobiles and tablets.


We are reaching the end of the Affino 8 development cycle, and in preparation are focused on simplifying and optimising wherever possible. Of particular importance for large and busy sites are key performance improvements, which greatly speed up many activities and interfaces.


Importantly we have two key update notes which are essential reading as we’ve been making some major updates to how the Affino Search and Meta data work in the run up to Affino 8. Please take note below and be prepared to tweak your site(s) after the update. In particular you’ll want to configure your search (Search Profile) and Search DE to work the way you want them.


Upgrade Guidance


NOTE - we have significantly updated the Recruitment aspects of Affino to the extent that you will have to review the recruitment setup when you update to this release. Make sure you have time scheduled in to do so as part of the update process.


NOTE - we have updated the Search Design Element and Search Channel with predictive text. The search profile settings and Search Design Element settings have changed significantly and the styling for the Design Element is now coming from a Design Style. This may impact on the search bar that you have implemented on your site.


NOTE - the meta data (e.g. Section, Date, Author, etc) for articles has now been improved to be consistent across Channels and Design Elements. This means that you can control whether to display this information on the listing screen (via the Design Element settings) and detail screen (via the Channel settings). Previously in some cases, there was only one setting on the Channel and so you only had the option of hiding or showing them on both listing and detail. You will need to review particularly the Smart Article Listing Design Element, Search Listing and Prime Content Design Element and any channels where you want to show/hide this information.


The Affino 7.5.x releases are essential updates for all Affino sites. It is an easy update, simply go through the standard update process.


Given that we have updated most of the key front end design elements and templates it is important that you check your front end pages following this update to ensure that any customisations are still looking good.


It is essential that you run through the complete update process starting with the Affino Updater, followed by the System Update, Re-Initialise Site, Design Element Update, Skin Update and finally Clear Guest Cache; all of which are available on the Settings > Update screen.


Key Enhancements



There are many significant updates to recruitment in this release, in many ways they are transformative in how jobs can be sold, and in their reach. To start with, it is now possible for anyone to post a job, and indeed jobs can be sold through the use of Service Credits. Users can then add as many jobs as they have available credits. Note, you can also gift credits, or include them as bundled within an overall service offering.


For the Job Alerts you use a message campaign with a host of new placeholders, i.e. {{_CREATOR_COMPANY_}}, {{_CREATOR_FIRSTNAME_}}, {{_CREATOR_LASTNAME_}}, {{_CREATOR_EMAIL_}}, {{_CREATOR_TELEPHONE_}}, {{_CREATOR_MOBILE_}}, and {{_JOB_CRITERIA_}}. Besides Job Criteria, all can be used for other types of alerts as well.


We have added more granularity to the job search, and allow users to sign up to be notified to similar jobs to their last search. In fact they can also sign up to alerts from specific companies, and behind the scenes you have full analysis and insight into the volume of alerts being sent out, to whom, and what they contained.


It is now possible to set up a recruiter directory, with related jobs from the recruiter, that users can then sign up to alerts for. Anyone in the same Account as assigned to the directory entry will have their job featured.

We have also improved the way you can view applicants for each job, if they’re applying through Affino (it’s possible for the job application button to point to a 3rd party site).


There are a number of nice enhancements to the existing recruitment functionality as we’ve taken the opportunity to improve on everything that is in place already for a more rounded and engaging recruitment platform overall. An example of this is the greatly improved previous job searches menu.



This release sees the full re-introduction of Seminars into Affino whereby we’ve completely re-imagined how they should work. The principles of having easily managed seminars, with the ability for end users to create their agenda on-the-fly remain, but everything else has been greatly improved.


First and foremost is the new responsive interface which looks great and works well across mobile, tablet and desktop to ensure the best utility when at an event, and when preparing the agenda from your desk. We’ve made the search both intuitive and powerful, with text search, and stream, speaker and day filters.


Alongside the Seminar details you can show the speakers and sponsors, as well as additional topics. It is also possible to show the attendees for each seminar, and to specify the security level on this information, so that potentially only other attendees, or even just the team sees them.


You have granularity over whether or not you want your users to be able to use the agenda, however given that Affino tracks the topics of the seminars users sign up for, you’ll want to ensure that you use the agenda wherever possible. You can also trigger conversion events when users sign up for, and re-move themselves from the seminars, allowing you to automatically add and remove them from contact lists, notifications and more.



This release sees a lot of fixes and tweaks to make for a much better experience when using the Awards. In practice a number of Affino clients instantly deployed Affino’s awards capabilities and in practice there were a lot of areas where we could improve significantly on the initial offering. With this release we have done just that.


The area where Affino’s Awards platform excelled was on the front end award entries. These worked really well to capture the entrants’ details and looked great across all devices. Where we have improved this it to add more smarts to how Affino captures the details, new word counts, WYSIWYG editor, and options on the data to be captured add up to a much more rounded set of capabilities for capturing differing types of data from the simplest to advanced entries.


Entries can now be viewed throughout, and edited right until the entry process has been closed, and can include team names and company logos (EPS). Affino also sends a confirmation email for each entry with a unique reference number.


We have added a whole new level of insight on the sales and marketing side, with great new intelligence on who’s entering what category, as well as who’s looked at but not entered categories. These can then be further drilled down into and you can identify targets for up-sell, cross-selling, popular categories and less so, and group and sort the prospects by company and category to further identify opportunities.


We have also made it much easier to see all the entries, both for the judges and for administrators through the new entries screen. We’ve further made it possible to download the entries if needed.


On top of that, there are further updates and incremental improvements throughout the awards module that allow for an all-round great experience, including automated stage open / close.


Service Credits

This release sees the re-introduction of Service Credits to Affino. We’ve gone all out to make sure that Service Credits are as usable, as easy to sell, gift, manage and track as possible throughout. Service Credits are the means whereby you can sell creation and management rights to end-users.


To start using Service Credits (which for now work with Job postings and next are coming for Directory entries) you need create Service Credit Plans, then assign them to Catalogue Items for sale. Users can then buy the credits and have them available for posting jobs. Note that you can also gift the credits directly using Service Credit management, which also allows you to see and manage all the service credits which have been sold (similar to how you can manage Subscriptions).


We have ensured that Service Credits can be sold through Pro Formas, and managed by the client on their My Account. When they then come to post Jobs (and future content) they can see exactly how many are left and provided a shortcut to topping up. Behind the scenes we’ve also added credit level alerts so that admin / sales are notified if a client is running out of credits.


Public Profile

Major overhaul of the public profiles, now much better looking and more capable, with: enhance navigation, greatly improved layout, improved blog, article and forum thread listings. We’ve also made them paywall aware and improved on the meta data, social links and much more. Behind the scenes it is also now easier to manage the profile display settings. When coupled with the new Contacts DE and the broad updates on presenting content creators on all articles, these add up to a major step forward for presenting contacts throughout your sites.


Contacts DE

A great new design element, makes for a very powerful way to list out any group of contacts from the CRM. There are a lot of options for how you can list them out, i.e. columns, rows, grids, and options on what is listed. There is the ability to add a search and to view more contacts. When listing contacts it is possible to set them to pop up mini profile, or take them through to their main profile page (or both). What makes the DE especially powerful is that it can present a real-time updated list of contacts based on the conversion events they’re triggering, i.e. newest users, latest attendees, top 100 influencers etc.


Featured Articles

Brand new article type, great for headline news with the very contemporary narrow content column and the ability to have wider media, tables, and featured content. Great sharing tools, related content showing within the article and the ability to easily align the images as desired. The featured article also has a Lightbox action on all images so if you click on any one you can swipe through them all. Featured articles also support special styling elements such as Pull Quote panels.


Image Alignment

It is now possible for anyone to lay out a great article without using steps. Both Advanced and Featured Articles allow you to align the images as you wish, with the ability to have them left, centre or right alined. It is also possible to designate the image width including 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, 75% and 100%. The text wraps neatly around the images, and the combination of eight images and seven text blocks allow for a great deal of flexibility.


Site Search

Major update on the site search. It is now possible to add topic and date filters, sort by most recent as well as best match, and a quick reveal predictive search drop-down shows the top title matches as you type. The search result layout is greatly improved with sections, dates and topics all available should you wish to display them. We know everyone will really like this update as it transforms how users engage with and can use the search.


Search DE

New version of the Search Design Element, which allows you to run both product and site searches. The updated search has a predictive search drop-down if desired and is highly configurable.


Order Import

Major new import tool for importing orders into Affino. Supports up to 50,000 orders and order line items in each import. Actively cross references the orders with the order line items to ensure that they tally. Ensure that you have the Accounts and Contacts in place prior to importing the orders or the orders will not import (as they can’t be assigned to contacts / accounts). Note that the Order Import goes further and sets up all subscriptions to match the orders.


A powerful feature of the order import is the ability to Batch delete all the orders and order line items from any given import. This allows you to thoroughly vet and validate your data by running a number of test imports, refining the data and clearing up in each event prior to the final data import.


Sponsor Management

New Sponsor Management tool allows you to manage all event sponsors in one great online space for a simple but effective sponsor workflow where everyone on the team has constant full visibility of what the status is for each sponsor, including what table they’re on, how many tables, have they got their passes organised, who is going to be the rep on stage, contact details, logo and much more. It is also possible to export all the sponsors as needed. There are a lot of smarts when it comes to pre-populating the sponsor data, such as auto populating the phone numbers and email addresses when selecting the contact.


App Bar

Major updates to the App Bar. The most significant is the new Design panel, and the new CSS and JavaScript on / off switches. It is now possible to see and manage the Skins, Design Objects, and key Design Styles right from the App Bar on the live page. It is also possible to switch on and off the custom CSS and Scripts running on the page to see whether issues are down to core Affino or to the custom styling or scripts applied.


We’ve also added Steps management to the App Bar, meaning you can now click to view and manage your steps right from the live page. This is incredibly handy when working on long and complex articles and need to do a quick tweak. The App Bar now also supports Dynamic Forms and Forums. The Text Item handling is also improved.


Meta Data

We have normalised the Meta Data across all the key listings, detail screens and design elements. This means that throughout we’re using the same settings, in the same order to determine whether or not you want to display the date, time, author (name, avatar, link), and section next to each item. This is a big update and a much better way to manage the presentation of all these elements, however it will require you to go through your site and update the settings to make sure that you’re getting the presentation you want, as it’s a rate case where you need to update your settings following an Affino update.


Exclude Duplicate Articles

We have a new option on the key design elements to Exclude Duplicate Articles. When selected on the following DE’s: Smart Article Listing, Smart Event Listing, Smart Prime Content, Section Feature Scroller, Auto-Related Content and the Article Carousel, Affino will not display any article which has already been shown on the page. This has been a much requested feature so we know many will appreciate it’s availability. Simply update your Skins to switch on wherever you do not want to see duplicates.


Section Feature Scroller DE

A great new design element showcasing articles in a big and bold manner. It allows for a full-width feature scroller showcasing up to four top stories. Simply select a section to show the latest / top stories (you can multi-display in). Note that to get full panel background images you need to use the new background image attribute on each article. Works great on desktop and mobile. Note that it’s important to keep your images optimised and the same height if you want this to load fast on your page.



Affino now supports responsive tables using the DataTables framework. It means that you can paste in tables right into the WYSIWYG editor and use Design Styles for managing the look and feel. There’s a great help guide to get you started.



We have made a lot of updates in this release to improve Affino’s performance in many directions. Affino users keep growing their sites, the number of brands on Affino, sending out more messages, increasing the volume of interactions they capture, publishing more content and producing more data, all the time. This has stretched Affino in a lot of ways over the past few months, and in each case we’ve been able to find some great optimisations which are in this release.


Equally we are preparing Affino for the move to Affino 8. Most clients have now entirely migrated to responsive, or have a very small number of elements left, e.g. the Checkout. This means we have started the process of removing many of the legacy classic elements from Affino, which in turn means faster and more optimised service delivery.


You can see below the roughly one hundred elements which we’ve removed over the past couple of releases, with hundreds more to go over the coming couple of releases. The net result of which will be further improved performance, greater security, and significantly improved usability.


Other Enhancements


Accounts - it is now possible to select the contacts directly when editing an account. No need to go to the Assign Accounts button.


Account Import - added AccountCode column for improved account identification.


Articles - added Script (field) support for the article (responsive) detail


Article Carousel DE - new styling options: to show the background colour (as happens on the Smart Article Listing DE) and an option to have no spacing around the image; also if ‘Text End’ is specked when there is a border or background applied, the more button is show full width at the bottom of the panel.


Article Listing - it is now possible to have share icons on both the Smart Article Listing and the Smart Prime Content (i.e. main article listing). In both instances you simply need to update the settings on the design element and make sure that the Share Profile is also up-to-date. You can then share each article directly from the listing both to the main social sites and via email by clicking on the share icon. Note that this only works when the images are set to be full width and won’t work with small thumbnails (simply not enough space for the expanded sharing menu).


Article Listing DE - it is now possible to filter by Article Type


Advanced (and Simple) Articles - now show the Alt text for the images


Article Steps - new ‘Use Main Column’ Step width for use with Featured Articles (otherwise will be full width). Allows for intricate article designs.


Blogs - added support for separate listing and detail skins.


Blog Navigation DE - updated to support content (alert) subscriptions and to better support RSS feed subscription


Catalogue Attributes - added support for pricing to responsive catalogues


Channels - new security filter and column on the channel listing, helps you to see and manage the locked down channels.


Collaboration - a host of key updates to Collaboration make this an essential update, including showcasing Influencers.


Contacts - it is now possible to update the Skills when editing a contact. The Contact Listing has been significantly updated so that we display the Job Description below the name, we combine the User Profile and Contact Type into a single column and focus on Last Touch instead of Last Login. Importantly we’ve also added the Conversion Event column into the contact listing so you can see the latest activity for each contact. Now display the Company when no Account assigned on the contact on the Contact Listing, extremely useful. New Events Tab on the contact detail view which displays the events a person is attending, either through buying an event ticket, sponsoring a conference of sponsoring an award, as well as entering an award.


Contact Lists - it is now possible to sort the list contacts by name, account and last touch


Content Subscriptions - updated to support sections rather than channels as channel based content was often too broad for targeting specific content alerts.


Conversion Events - new ‘Email Confirmed’ conversion event trigger which fires off when users double confirm their email address. This way if companies are tracking new un-assigned contacts then they can dynamically manage them on a contact list. Also useful for GDPR. We have also added in a conversion event trigger for ‘Profile View’ which lets you fire off an event when someone looks at a specific member’s public profile. We have added a new Awards Entry conversion event trigger whereby you can also select the stage that the users are on, i.e. Introduction, Category, Detail, Confirmation and Acknowledgement. This way it is possible to actively funnel and stage each contact against where they are in the awards entry process.


Customer Ladder Analysis - new Account tab allows you to drill down to the most engaged accounts and see who is engaged within the account and how.


Design Centre - we added a new level of protection to prevent users from accidentally deleting active Design Objects. New default row settings make it easier to create and manage good looking rows.


Design Styles - new styling options for DataTables (everywhere) and Pull Quotes (on Featured Articles).


Dynamic Forms - a number of key updates to Dynamic forms including support for Comment labels and Dividers for adding information and spacing / dividers to complex forms. Dynamic Forms can now also be managed from the App Bar.


Ecards - improved styling and usability.


Events / Smart Events Listing - greatly improved events listing with new and improved navigation and the option to use the Scoped Section Search on the events.


Forums - added focus to the message field for improved usability; updated the notifications to support realtime, or daily and weekly summaries. Support for both forum and individual thread subscriptions. In fact too many updates to mention, adding up to a major step forward for responsive forums in Affino.


Media Items - it is now possible again to manage Media Assets on Media Items. This was lost when we removed the Media Editor earlier this year. Simply go to your media item and either add or update your media assets for each media item. The most common use-case for this is when you want to replace the media item thumbnail or main image without uploading a new picture, or where you want to add in a thumbnail and preview image for a PDF or other document.


Messages - we have added UTM tracking to the message campaigns so that it is now possible to track them using Google Analytics as well as Affino. In practice we’ve set the values as: utm_medium = email, and utm_campaign = Message Campaign Name.


Metering - it is now possible to use Article Steps on the metering gate and you no longer need to create a Design Script for your up-sell messages / panels.


My Messages - now include Comment Alerts, Comment Reply Alerts, Interest Alerts and Like Alerts from the forums.


Online Directories - you will see a number of updates to the online directory profile and other aspects of the online directory, but note that this is in mid development so expect it to work as before at this point.


Orders - we now always store the default currency values against order line items at the point of order creation to ensure consistency with multi-currency reporting. Added new Sub Order Type for further tracking / filtering orders.


Related Items - you will see multiple enhancements to related content display, note that these updates are only part complete and will be formally rolled out in the next official release. In the meantime you can still use them as before.


Prime Related Carousel DE - new design element for showing related articles / products in a carousel.


Products - updated product display so that when used on mobile devices / small screens it will show the price and buy button at the base of the screen once they have been scrolled past on the screen. Allowing easy one click add to basket action on mobiles. We have also added the Google Merchant Centre Microdata tags to the product pages. Improved the VAT / Tax display on product pages.


Profile Update - now displays Terms and Conditions checkbox if the user has yet to confirm the terms and conditions.


Pro Forma Orders - added new Sub Order Type for further tracking / filtering pro forma orders.


Registration - we have improved the registration process, in particularly ensuring the double confirm elements work well. Other improvements include the introduction styling, the avatar management and the registration messaging.


Quotes (Pull Quotes) - it’s now possible to easily add stylish quotes to articles using the WYSIWYG editor.


Sales / Finance Reporting - improved handling for multiple currency sales. Essential update.


Scoped Section Searches - now use AND and then OR searches throughout to best match searches when within a section. We have also added a new A to Z option which presents an alphabet option on the search, which when clicked on shows an alphabet selector with the available letters highlighted.


Service Credits - extensive updates to Service Credits to make them work on Responsive Affino. Service Credits now display on the Contact Commerce tab


Smart Article Listing - it is now possible to ‘Filter by Section Scope’ when returning results based on user’s interests. This means you can see a more targeted set or recommendations than when not selected (which presents them for the whole Zone)


Smart Button DE / Panels - new options for how panels disappear when popped up from buttons, i.e. mouse leave or click.


Smart Event Listing - it is now possible to ‘Filter by Section Scope’ when returning results based on user’s interests. This means you can see a more targeted set or recommendations than when not selected (which presents them for the whole Zone)


Skin Generation - greatly optimised, speeds up significantly Skin updates and a crucial update for Affino instances with hundreds of Skins


Smart Text DE - great update allows you to embed media, create auto-links and change text links to images into actual images. All within the text.


Subscriptions - added free option to Payment Status Filter on the subscription search / listing.


Topics - a great deal of work has been done to normalise Topics and Interests in Affino. Note that for displaying topics against article listings make sure you use the Smart Article Listing DE and not the legacy Article Listing one. It is now possible to elect the sort on Topics so you can organise the order in which topics are listed (no longer have to be alphabetical).


Fixes and Minor Enhancements


Fixes are elements which didn’t work as well as they should, and have now been made to work better. Minor enhancements provide subtle improvements that most people won’t notice (some will love), but which nonetheless improve on the overall Affino experience.


Accounts (multiple)


Account Subscription Import


App Bar (classic and responsive)


Advanced Events (multiple)


Articles (multiple)


Article Feature Scroller (multiple)


Article Import (topics)


Article Listing DE (multiple)


Avatars (multiple)


Awards (multiple)


Blog Listing


Campaign Stats / Creatives




Checkout (important fix)


Collaboration (multiple)


Comments and Ratings


Contacts (multiple)


Contact Notes


Conversion Event Notifications


Customer Ladder Analysis


Deferred Income Report


Demographic Profile


Design Objects / Object Designer (multiple)




Events (multiple)


Forums (multiple)


Google Merchant Centre Integration


Google News Sitemap


HR Absence Management




Mailing List Signup (classic)


Mailing List Unsubscribe


Media Display / Media Listing


Member Listing


Metering Overlay


Messaging (updates to prevent old campaigns being re-sent)


My Messages


Online Directory


On-page Feedback DE




Order Line Item Report


Passwords (Control side validation)


Password Reminders


Prime Related Carousel


Product Search


Profile Update


Pro Forma Invoice (multiple)


Pro Forma Order


Public Profiles


Recruitment (multiple)


Recruitment Search DE




RSS Feeds


Sales Leaderboard


Sales Report


Section (Scoped) Search


Security Groups (deletion)


Simple Event Detail


Site Analysis


Smart Article Listing (call to action)


Smart Article Listing DE (multiple)


Smart Event Listing DE (multiple)


Smart PC DE


Smart Prime Content DE (multiple)


Smart Text DE


Stat Reset


Steps (images)


Subscriptions (paid & print product permissioning)




Topic Filters




Topic Lists




WYSIWYG (multiple)




In the run up to the Affino 8 release, a number of Classic Affino elements either completely un-used or else barely used by Affino sites are being removed. Affino 8 itself will see all the remainder of the classic design elements and templates removed.


Removed Design Elements

  • Article Highlights Scroller
  • Background Music
  • Background Navigator
  • Browse Menu
  • Countdown Timer
  • Engagement Panel
  • Group Chat
  • Invite Friends
  • Job Search
  • Member Campaign Placement
  • Member Profile
  • Member’s Badges
  • Meta
  • Micro Blog
  • MP3 Player
  • Page Tools
  • Personal Tools
  • Photo Stack
  • Poll (SecondsOut using this one badly, but has to go if Polls going)
  • Profile Completion
  • Radar Chart
  • Recommendations
  • Recruitment Navigation
  • Slide Show
  • Ticker
  • Video Carousel


The following Control Profiles (management screens) and corresponding functionality has been removed:

  • Broadcast Event
  • Broadcast Event Edit
  • Broadcast Events
  • Bullhorn Profile
  • Bullhorn Profile Edit
  • Bullhorn Profiles
  • Bullhorn User Sync Approval
  • Competition
  • Competition Analysis
  • Competition Edit
  • Competition Item Report
  • Competition Profile
  • Competition Profile Edit
  • Competition Profiles
  • Competition Question Choice Item
  • Competition Question Choice Item Edit
  • Competition Question Choice Items
  • Competition Question Item
  • Competition Question Item Edit
  • Competition Question Items
  • Competition Text Answer
  • Competition Text Answer Edit
  • Competitions
  • Competitors
  • Completion Profile
  • Completion Profile Edit
  • Completion Profiles
  • Conditional Filter
  • EBay Analysis
  • EBay Category Lookup
  • EBay Product Listing Check
  • EBay Profile
  • EBay Profile Edit
  • EBay Profiles
  • Export Links
  • Funding Project Profile
  • Funding Project Profile Edit
  • Funding Project Profiles
  • Group Chat Profile
  • Group Chat Profile Edit
  • Group Chat Profiles
  • Here For Type
  • Here For Type Edit
  • Here For Types
  • Member Alerts Profile
  • Member Alerts Profile Edit
  • Member Alerts Profiles
  • Member Campaign Analysis
  • Member Campaign Profile
  • Member Campaign Profile Edit
  • Member Campaign Profiles
  • Messenger Profiles
  • Micro Blog Profile
  • Micro Blog Profile Edit
  • Micro Blog Profiles
  • Most Recent Users
  • Personal Dashboard Profile
  • Personal Dashboard Profile Edit
  • Personal Dashboard Profiles
  • Personnel
  • Personnel Item
  • Personnel Item Edit
  • Personnel Type
  • Personnel Type Edit
  • Personnel Types
  • Pledge Rewards Selector
  • Poll Item
  • Poll Item Edit
  • Polls
  • Polls Analysis
  • Radar Chart Profile
  • Radar Chart Profile Edit
  • Radar Chart Profiles
  • Realtime Status Updates
  • Rotating Background Profile
  • Rotating Background Profile Edit
  • Rotating Background Profiles
  • Set up Messenger Event Gateway
  • Whats New Profile
  • Whats New Profile Edit
  • Whats New Profiles
  • Whats New Selector
  • Ztorm Profile
  • Ztorm Profile Edit
  • Ztorm Profiles


We have also removed the jQuery Migrate Plugins were outdated and no longer supported


Integration Updates


These are integrations which have had essential maintenance in this release, if you rely on any of them then you’ll want to update at the earliest opportunity:


Google Analytics


Google Merchant Centre


Google Webmaster Tools (News Sitemap)


Component Changes


Affino benefits from using some great frameworks, here are the updates we’ve rolled out for these frameworks in this release:


JQuery updated to - no change


JQueryUI updated to - no change


HighCharts updated to - 5.0.12


TinyMCE updated to - 4.6.3


Video.js updated to - no change

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