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2017 Will Be The Year of Dynamic Business Intelligence

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Last year, Affino development was largely focused on ramping up the Core Affino CRM - giving the heart of the system more capability, greater power and an extended reach. For most of our Clients this is already the core Business Processes tool - which harnesses key critical operational activities and seamlessly combines them through one highly connected and always-on central resource.


Unlike comparable systems, much of the business intelligence, and all of the routing is already ...

Publishers are increasingly turning to Events, Seminars, Data and Member Services

analysis community events publishing social marketplace social commerce Affino research Member Services education networking recruitment Data elearning Personalisation Procurement Leaders PPA Seminars Big Data Collaboration Webinars Industry Directory Industry Benchmarking + -

The demise of traditional publishing media is well documented, and barely a month goes by without another title disappearing from the news-stand. The move to digital is now quite a few generations old, and it’s quite evident that for most publishers, simple subscription and advertising alone do not generate sufficient revenues online.


Publishers have to look for other sources of revenue, and the more successful ones are more and more reliant on value-added member services. Much ...

Affino 7 Customer Ladder Refinements

analysis analytics Comrz Affino customer ladder Automated Customer Ladder Affino Automated Customer Ladder Affino 7 Hierarchy of Needs Abraham Maslow Trigger Events Reward and Recognition Online Incentives Incentivisation Incentive Groups + -

The Automated Customer Ladder is Affino’s unique and ingenious engine for tracking, motivating and incentivising existing and potential customers on your website. A vast array of Conversion Trigger Event Types allow you to reward pretty much any kind of user activity on your website, and in turn trigger incentives and notifications which encourage further activities and interactions.


A highly detailed compound Analytics Screen monitors and filters the activities by defined target...

Favourite Affino Features

analysis commerce Control control centre design centre Media promotion publishing Security social networking Social Comrz social commerce integration Affino Affino Features Affino Feature Set + -

This project is the culmination of a year’s work (for the Graphics!), in some ways it could be said to be the culmination of Affino’s 15 years of development. We have long wanted an elegant means of showcasing the extensive Affino Features Set - and we have takled it a number of ways previously - trying to do a complete features listing (100’s of individual elements - now archived for being too large), and the much celebrates ’Periodic Table of Affino Elements’ - ...

The Affino Customer Ladder - a visual addendum

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Affino Customer Ladder Button Badges

I was required to do some reference visuals for the soon-to-be-released ’Affino Customer Ladder’ - particularly for the comprehensive Analytics screen. A very big part of this new experience is the ’Conversion Events’ and the various ’Badges’ that can be earnt / accrued. For the reference visuals, there were a couple of badge highlights elements that needed to be rendered, and as such I needed some Affino Button Badges. This is what I have been doing over the ...

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