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Affino 7 Customer Ladder Refinements

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The Automated Customer Ladder is Affino’s unique and ingenious engine for tracking, motivating and incentivising existing and potential customers on your website. A vast array of Conversion Trigger Event Types allow you to reward pretty much any kind of user activity on your website, and in turn trigger incentives and notifications which encourage further activities and interactions.


A highly detailed compound Analytics Screen monitors and filters the activities by defined target group type - Suspect, Prospect, Customer, Regular, Advocate. The system is in part devised along Abraham Maslow’s ’Hierarchy of Needs’, where a simple system of badges for instance conveys instant and visible recognition of active participation. Badges can be used overtly, or simply in the back-end for clearly tracking each user’s activity. The combination of Affino’s scale of functionality with such granularity of incentivisation makes for one of the most powerful promotional and motivational tools available online:


More Conversion Trigger Event Types
There are now 36 different types from simple login, through registration, updating profile information, various forms of content entry and participation and of course targeted purchases.


Better Analytics
The Customer Ladder Analysis Screen has been re-written for Affino 7, and now features S-Curve graphs, dynamically expanding lists and a Pinterest style layout. The new changes allow you to gauge trends far more quickly and effectively.


Better Integration with Notifications
Triggering Newsletter mailouts from Conversion Events is now easier and more reliable than before.


Linked Incentives

Secondary Conversion Events allow you to daisy-chain triggers together - which means that a single activity can set off a sequence of related actions and rewards!


More Reliable Trigger Event Tracking
The majority of users deploying the Customer Ladder, simply use it for tracking online activities - rather than the more evolved incentivisation and motivation. The core engine has been re-written to make it easier to track Conversion Events within custom analysis scripts.


Improved Targeting
As with any type of customer interaction, like with advertising and campaigns - the customer ladder is only any good if it targets the right people with the right incentives. To that end, Trigger Events can be controlled via Topic Assignment and Security Clearance restriction.


Enhanced Incentive Groups
Users can be incentivised via elevation to higher level Security Group with more site privileges such as improved access and discounts. A Security Group Timeout setting allows you to limit the experience for promotional / trial purposes.

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year