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Apple Privacy Protection vs Ongoing Google Exploits

After promising to phase out Cookies at the start of 2022, Google has gone back on its commitments as its replacement FLoC solution has been almost universally opposed by major industry players and regulators - and was certainly not compliant with GDPR or CCPA regulations. It leaves Google’s post third party cookie approach in tatters and with considerable work to build a new approach with broader industry and regulatory support.


Google’s Third Party Cookie support has thus...

Website Statistics are Badly Misused

Since the onset of GDPR and equally fairly recent browser privacy changes where tracking requires user consent, the bottom has sort of fallen out of the 3rd Party Cookie Stats Tracking Apps as roughly only 1 in 5 users are currently consenting to be tracked. And even dramatically with Apple’s new option to opt out of 3rd party tracking in all its apps in iOS 14.5 - with around 95% of users having opted out.


We know from our own fully incorporated Affino native site tracking and ...

Google Announces plans to Eliminate Chrome Browser Third Party Cookie Support over the Next Two Years

3rd party cookiesBrowser Privacycookie policyGoogle ChromeUser Tracking+-

Google has recently made an announcement that it will look to phase our third party cookie support over the next couple of years - citing privacy concerns as a major reason and bringing itself into alignment with Firefox and Safari browsers.


Yet we need to take Google announcements with a pinch of salt as they have conflicting interests as regards tracking users and selling those details to advertisers. What the move will accomplish is to lock out any third party players from the ...

Adblocking up 30% in past year

3rd party cookiesAd BlockingAdblockersAdblockingAd-Blocking AuditCookie ArmageddonMalvertisementsMalwarePrivacy Protection+-

PageFair and The New York Times recently published the most recent stats on adblocking globally. In the past year, the number of users employing ad-blocking software has risen to roughly 11% of the global Internet audience, equating to some 600 million devices.


Many companies have tried to outsmart adblocking or ban it in one way or another, but as we keep reiterating - adblocking is about far more than just mitigating advertising revenues. The risk of malware / malvertisements has ...

Getting Ahead with an Affino Ad-Blocking Audit

3rd party cookiesAd BlockersAd BlockingAd-Blocking AuditCookie ArmageddonPrivacy Tools+-

Ad Blockers have been responsible for reversals in fortune for an enormous variety of websites and digital properties. In Western Europe, and in countries like Germany and Poland, the proportion of web users deploying some form of ad blocker or privacy tools is getting into the region of nearly 50%. In the UK, the figure is currently around 20% and growing fast.


In several scenarios, it’s a case of digital property owners really not knowing what they don’t know - meaning ...

Cookie Armageddon Briefing at the PPA - ad blockers, cookies and online privacy

3rd party cookiesAffinoCookie ArmageddonCookie Armageddon BriefingPPAPPA BriefingPPA Cookie ArmageddonPrivacyPrivacy ProtectionPrivacy ProtectorsPrivacy Tools+-

Next Tuesday 17th March at the PPA, Affino is leading a briefing and discussion on the impact of privacy tools like Ghostery. Using such utilities on browsers, consumers can effectively turn off all 3rd party cookies, many of which publishers and media organisations are currently relying on to drive revenues via advertising, profiling, personalisation, search, lead generation, promotions and media serving amongst other third party services.


Our CEO Markus Karlsson alongside CCO ...

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