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Getting Ahead with an Affino Ad-Blocking Audit

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Ad Blockers have been responsible for reversals in fortune for an enormous variety of websites and digital properties. In Western Europe, and in countries like Germany and Poland, the proportion of web users deploying some form of ad blocker or privacy tools is getting into the region of nearly 50%. In the UK, the figure is currently around 20% and growing fast.


In several scenarios, it’s a case of digital property owners really not knowing what they don’t know - meaning ...

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IAB LEAN Ad-Blocking Countermeasures are still somewhat of a raw DEAL for end consumers

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The IAB or Internet Advertising Bureau has come up with a couple of initiatives / strategies for tackling the ever growing impact of Ad Blockers, in the form of the suitably acronymed - LEAN and DEAL.


First LEAN:


L = Light (Lightweight)
E = Encrypted
A = Ad Choice Supported
N = Non-Invasive Ads



For a variety of reason ads slow down page upload speads, IAB’s LEAN standard means to speed up page loads by no longer pre-loading ads when the units aren’t in...

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UK Culture Secretary is somewhat misguided in his condemnation of Ad Blockers

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A recent article in the Guardian quotes UK Culture Secretary John Whittingdale calling out adblocking companies as a ’modern-day protection racket’. By this he is having a go at their ’whitelisting’ services where many of the ad blocking services take payment for whitelisting particular providers - these though can still be screened out by end-users. He cites that ad blockers are putting news delivery services, as well as the music industry in mortal peril and must be ...

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5 Strategies for dealing with Ad Blockers

Ad Blocker StrategiesAd BlockersAd BlockingAdblockalypseAdblock-alypseAffinoAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformCookie ArmageddonPrivacy Tools+-

Like it or not Ad Blockers are here to stay and their impact is growing every day. Germany and Poland already passed 50% last year, the rest of the world’s browser-based audience is catching up fast, and there’s no mystery as to why all this is happening. Ads are generally woefully poorly targeted (I got a Pampers pre-roll ad on a Nine Inch Nails Vevo Video???), too invasive and pervasive, eat into your bandwidth costs, slow down you page loading speeds, often carry malware, and ...

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The Sunday Times weighs in on Adblock-alypse

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Bryan Appleyard of The Sunday Times throws in his ten cents on what we’ve been calling Cookie Armageddon for a couple of years now. It is a valiant effort, yet somewhat over-simplistic in approach, and its advertising bias does not really cover the broader impact of 3rd party cookie blocking, and how it’s actually a much needed measure to protect consumer privacy and shield consumers from malware and unauthorised use of their personal data.


Bryan starts his piece with the ...

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Affino presenting at PPA Business Media Summit 14:30 25th November

Ad BlockersAffinoCookie ArmageddonMarkus KarlssonPPAPPA Business Media SummitPrivacy ToolsPublishers+-

Affino CEO Markus Karlsson will be presenting an updated briefing on ’Surviving the Cookie Armageddon’ - a state-of-the-industry address on the impact and mitigation of Ad Blockers and Privacy Tools.


Affino has evolved an in-depth audit and analysis for evaluating the impact of ad- and cookie-blockers per domain; Markus will be sharing some of the top-line data and key insights we have discovered to date, as well as laying out what the future trends may be, and what coping ...

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Surviving Cookie Armageddon Breakfast Briefing at the PPA - 08:30 19th November

Ad BlockersAffino Breakfast BriefAffino BriefingCookie ArmageddonDealing with Ad BlockersMitigating Ad BlockersPPAPPA Breakfast BriefingPPA BriefingPrivacy Tools+-

Affino will once again be hosting the celebrated Cookie Armageddon Briefing at the PPA on Thursday 19th of November, 08:30 hrs.


The key details are as follows:


Surviving Cookie Armageddon: ad blockers, cookies and online privacy

As consumers become increasingly privacy conscious and technologically savvy, are adverts and third party plug-ins on your websites reaching your audience and delivering their revenue potential? What is the real cost of the lost data, and how does the...

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Ad Blockers getting smarter, Advertisers still crying foul!

Ad BlockersAd BlockingAdvertising IndustryAdvertising StrategyAdvertising TechnologyCookie ArmageddonOnline PrivacyPrivacy Toolspublishing+-

There’s been a lot of news of late about what different publishers are doing about ad blockers and how B2B publications in particular are skewed much more in favour of their advertisers than their actual readership. At the start, ad blockers simply blocked off 3rd party cookies and Flash, but they’re now getting craftier and more far-reaching as concerns what types of content they block.


The smarter ad blockers know that advertisers are switching to animated GIFs and HTML5,...

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iOS 9 Launch marks start of Mobilegeddon proper

AdblockersappleCookie ArmageddonGhosteryiOS 9Mobile AdvertisingMobilegeddonNative AdvertisingPrivacy ProtectionPrivacy Tools+-

Last Friday saw the official launch of Apple’s iOS 9 - which gives mobile users access to privacy controls on their browser - meaning an effective ad blocker / 3rd party cookie blocker for all those iPhone and iPad users. This will mean that many businesses which are heavily reliant on banner-advertising revenues, will need to recalibrate their approaches or suffer significant falls in revenue.


"iOS tools like ’Crystal’ give people the ability to remove mobile web ...

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Programmatic Advertising vs Native Advertising vs the Future of Digital Advertising

Ad BlockersAd-buyingAdvertorialAutomated AdvertisingDigital AdvertisingFuture of Digital AdvertisingGhosteryiOS 9Mobile AdvertisingNative AdvertisingPrivacy ToolsProgrammatic AdvertisingReal Time Bidding+-

There are some who still aren’t fully au fait with the different types of advertising available, so we will start with a brief introduction before explaining the merits of each. Anyone who has bid for Google AdWords will have some degree of understanding of the basics of Programmatic Advertising. Even though Google AdWords is not exactly display advertising, rather text-only search results advertising, it is still the same basic automated mechanic which gives advertisers / media buyers ...

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