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The Ultimate Customer Experience Platform is one which seamlessly harnesses every Customer engagement, interaction and transaction

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Customer Engagement = Satisfaction

Customer Experience Platforms are all too often just a pivot on CMS or Customer Engagement Platforms, or Front-End Application Stacks even - where the CXP component is just one of several separate elements within a larger Hybrid Enterprise Stack. Whilst they do add some value, they also fall far short of a full service.


For many, a Customer Experience Platform is just a re-naming or re-branding of a core CMS which has some limited personalisation built in. But then needs to interact ...

What Makes an Audience CRM - and how does it deliver more benefits than a regular Sales CRM

Affino Unified Business PlatformAudience CRMCRMCustomer EngagementSales & Marketing AutomationSales CRM+-
Audience CRM vs Sales CRM

The Affino Unified Business Platform is a singular holistic solution - where everything has been developed to work seamlessly together from the ground up. Right at the core of the solution sits the Affino Audience CRM which is fully directly connected to every part and aspect of the system and instantly logs every engagement, transaction and interaction in real time.


The Audience CRM delivers more breadth and depth of scope - with instant and immediate reactions to every user-...

Why Affino's Full Service Fidelity is key to the Future Success of Your Business

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You will no doubt have read about Google’s intentions to end support of 3rd party cookies in the near future, following in the footsteps of Apple and Firefox.


What this means to almost all websites and web-based-businesses is that their services will be severely curtailed - as most rely heavily on stitching together multiple applications and plugins through the use of JavaScript and 3rd party cookies.


We probably have not been vocal enough about this as billions of ...

The Challenges of Home / Remote Working and How We at Affino Have Perfected it over 10 years

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News coverage these days has been understandably overrun by features on the Covid-19 / Coronavirus. Through a variety of circumstances including workplace infections and measures made for preventative means - several people have been compelled to comply with ’Social Distancing’ and the need to work from home, if their type of work allows such.


When we founded Affino back in 2009, we established the company to take advantage of the benefits of working remotely. Bricks-and-...

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Independent Publisher Digital Product of the Year
2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year