We need you to get behind the StartUp TV Show to Ensure it gets a Second Season

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Since the days of Miami Vice, I seem to have developed a significant liking for TV series set in and around Miami - these have included CSI Miami, Burn Notice, Dexter, and now StartUp. The show mixes up tech startup dynamics, with computer hacking, corrupt FBI agents, Haitian gangsters, and the Russian Mafia.


The 4 principal actors are all excellent, from newcomer Otmara Marrero as genius coder / hacker Izzy, Martin Freeman as FBI agent on the take, Adam Brody as a socially minded preppy financier, and the superb Edi Gathegi as an Haitian gangster. The first episode may be a little slow to get going, but on from episode 2 it’s all pretty fast and furious edge-of-the-seat stuff, with plenty of action and plenty of smart plot points.


Although not about drugs, the show reminded me a little of Breaking Bad, there are also elements of The Wire in here. The nearest equivalent type of show though is probably Cinemax / HBO show Banshee - meaning there is quite a heavy quotient of sex and violence - this is very much an adult show. Some feel that there are too many sex scenes in some of the earlier episodes, but viewers of Banshee and Game of Thrones should be used to this sort of thing by now.


The show aired on Sony Streaming Service ’Crackle’ in September, but has now found a home on Amazon Prime - where I got through the 10 episodes in just a couple of days. It’s a great show for binge-watching as you constantly have to see what ever is going to happen next.


I’ve not yet drawn up my official best TV Shows of the year list, but off the top of my head - this one currently places around 4th after Stranger Things, Game of Thrones and Westworld. The show has not had a lot of media buzz or promotion, and we so far relatively few fans are desperate for there to be a Second Season. This won’t be for everyone, but for those who like the sound of it, please support the show by viewing and rating it on Amazon Video - Here.

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