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Third Party Cookies are just 10 months away from being Phased Out

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Third Party Cookies

Third Party Cookies are almost at an end! Now is the time to act.

Deploy Affino for First Party Data and Analytics

Ensure you have native solutions to take over from Third Party Cookie Plugins

We feel that it’s important for site owners to be fully prepared for the imminent end of Third Party Cookies - which are due to be phased out before the start of 2022 - or by the end of this year! This means turning over to First Party Data methods - that is to say fully Native Data Gathering and Analysis in place of all those soon to be expiring Third Party Plugins.


GDPR is Having a Massive Impact


We have noted how site owners are already feeling the impact of the more recent privacy changes to most browsers - where Third Party Tracking of any kind is now disabled by default on GDPR compliant sites in the UK and EU - and needs to be fully permissioned and authorised to function in any way.


This has already had significant effects for those used to relying on Google Analytics for instance - as the majority of users now effectively disable that tracking in their browser/s if given the choice. In addition Firefox and Safari (and a host of other privacy focused browsers) are taking extended measurers to specifically limit and disable the impact of Cookies and Super Cookies - such that those methods are already reduced to being unreliable and resulting in inaccurate and unrepresentative Data. The drop in measured / tracked traffic via Third Party means is already down by as much as 30-40% on most sites.


Third Party Cookie Alternatives


Somewhat ironically, several parties - including the IAB are trying to establish an alternative new standard for almost exactly equivalent Third Party Cookies - under their control - while most would seem to contend now that the days of Third Party Cookies are most definitely numbered. The IAB has still to prove itself reliable in the area of Privacy Matters. In fact in many ways the IAB has contributed to the lax standards in Programmatic Advertising and Real-Time Bidding - which has led to unprecedented Data Breaches - like the recent Irish Incident. The IAB unfortunately has had a vested interest in maintaining the status quo - but are at last acknowledging the death of third party cookies and starting to support the community with moving beyond them.


Now is the time for putting fully reliable Native Systems in place - indeed like Affino’s Unified Business Platform - which natively and robustly provides exactly those reliable functions within the core of the system. In Affino, everything is granularly permissioned - and native advertising and on-site tracking occur fully consistently and seamlessly - and in real time.


There are few systems out there that put this much control directly into the hands of both the site owners and users alike. Affino also has full built-in GDPR compliance - meaning that all data is fully officially permissioned, legitimised and enacted.


1st Party Data and Compliance is Here to Stay


Affino provides the new reality right here and right now. A number of the alternative Third Party Cookie systems are simply pipe dreams and wishful thinking. They are simply not compatible with the modern and up-to-date Privacy Policy. We’ve already seen California spring into action to formulate its own version of Europe’s GDPR protocol - ’the California Consumer Privacy Act’ (CCPA) and surely other progressive states will follow suit soon enough. It means that the technical and regulatory challenges will soon be insurmountable, in the majority of the leading economies.


There is no time like the present for getting all your ducks in order as such - the viability of many businesses wholly depends on reliable data and tracking analysis - and Third Party Cookies really won’t be around for too much longer - they’re already fully endangered.


To set up a demo of a fully First Party compliant data future today with Affino, simply contact us via this form.

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