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Farmers Guardian Launches FG Rewards Loyalty Scheme using Affino's New Customer Loyalty Service

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We’re very excited to announce the launch of AgriBriefing’s Farmers Guardian new loyalty scheme on Affino’s enhanced loyalty services.


Underlying the new scheme is the revival and update to Affino’s display-side Conversion Event Badges which have been re-engineered as a cornerstone Farmers Guardian’s FG Rewards Loyalty Scheme just recently launched.


Activities and Rewards


The loyalty scheme utilises eight core Affino elements which now include the new and improved Badge Channel (see above). How this works is that site members can accumulate points for certain activities - in this case Store Credit Points - such that they can be transacted in return for a number of accumulate reward points against the rewards showcased using the new Rewards Design Element.


The Badges have two states, and are initially listed out as un-achieved with a brief description, and where they can link through to the actual place to undertake the related activity - whether specific article read, report download, social media share, or some other key member-oriented task.


Each of those activities accrues Store Credit Points - sometimes a single action is needed to accumulate a Badge, but most often it involves certain degrees of repetition.


Once you accumulate the appropriate number of points - the State of the Badge is highlighted and switched to the achieved version.


So the Badges and Points Accumulation Process is fairly straight-forward - complete the appropriate Conversion Events’ tracked activities / tasks to accumulate Store Credit Points - which can then be exchanged for Rewards!



Store Credits can be transacted as ecommerce currency - which allows you to exchange your accumulated value of points for a number of different types of rewards - member privileges, digital assets and merchandising typically in these scenarios.


You would usually just rely entirely on Affino's Product Template and Catalogue Items - Ecommerce / Checkout System, to exchange Store Credits for those 'Products', while for the initial phase of FG Rewards each Product has been assigned to a Dynamic Form. Similar to how the Badges can be linked / connected with either a feature article or actual destination activity - the same is true of the Product Templates. We have a dedicated Rewards Design Element which frames the Rewards Products in the most optimal manner.


Multiple Approaches to Fulfilling Rewards


Farmers Guardian wanted to assert tighter manual control over the initial campaign - which means that the Store Credits are actually being exchanged for access to Reward Claim Forms (Dynamic Forms). So if you have the appropriate points tally, you can access and fill in a Reward request - which will be manually actioned and will result in said admin staffer forwarding the reward to you in one way or another.


In using Dynamic Forms - combining them with targeted Conversion Events on those forms has two purposes - to track who claimed each reward - those can then automatically populate a separate Rewards Claim or Target List. Secondly the Conversion Events deduct the appropriate value of Store Credits from the members's accumulated total - to the value of the reward claimed.


When using solely Catalogue Items - this process is fully automated as part of Affino's Ecommerce transactions.


One more aspect of the Rewards is that Affino let's users know "You need XX points (You only have X points available)" when trying to access a Reward you don't have enough points for. The prompt text is controlled by a Text Item and 'Number of Store Credits Required' setting applied on each Catalogue item.


In our above visual we can see that one of the Reward Cells is highlighted in Yellow. For that particular Reward the 'Number of Store Credits Required' showcasing how you can mix calls to action in with the rewards.

The Project

The Project

From a standing start the FG Rewards Project was up and running in just a matter of a few weeks. Affino assisted with design, implementation and the development - including the revival and update to the Badge Channel, the new Rewards Design Element, the enhanced safeguards on Conversion Events and Dynamic Forms, and indeed a new Birthday Conversion Event trigger for that special treat.


In total FG Rewards uses eight core Affino Elements:

  • Badge Channel
  • Content Security Rights
  • Conversion Events
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Products
  • Rewards Design Element
  • Standard Articles
  • Store Credits

All of which are now Core Elements which Affino clients can make use of.


This was a full collaboration project with the Affino Team working very closely alongside Marjan Askins and Matt Lambourn and the AgriBriefing Team. We are all highly delighted by the results.

Serving Suggestions!

This sort of loyalty scheme mechanic is perfect for Affino communities, and the whole service is well geared up to deliver heightened member engagement campaigns. We can see myriad uses for these types of task workflows - with Conversion Events and Store Credits right at the core of the value exchange.


You can use this methodology to incentivise and motivate your membership to advocate on your behalf and receive just rewards for their efforts. It can also be used as a type of gateway control into specific content silos, member events, and networking spaces on your Affino sites - with an easily communicable rewards scheme mechanic and all manner of scope for different applications.


We can see the badge and reward elements being used alongside customer training programmes, as well as for turnkey engagements which can be visibly tracked and charted.


We look forward to seeing just how many clever uses the Affino community put the new rewards elements to!

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