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10 Benefits of Single-Sourcing

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Most complete digital solutions out there are a hybrid mix of as many as a score of different component elements. Buying and integrating lots of disparate systems has certain advantages, but there are twice as many disadvantages, particularly within the current climate of Cookie Armageddon and Mobilegeddon - whereby hybrid and disconnected solutions are being penalised across the board - by browsers, operating systems, platforms, search engines etc.; more than that though, they are significantly impacting earning potential when they fail to deliver their essential services.


Here then follow the reasons for going with a Unified Digital Business Platform like Affino:


Seamless Customer Journeys

One system serving each customer with consistent and universal, dynamically-sizing interfaces across devices and platforms. Maintains high-quality customer engagement and experience throughout the journey.


Single Customer View

The ability to view / review all of a customer’s actions, interactions and transactions on one overview screen.


Greater Automation

When everything is served up by the same system, you can easily daisy-chain and workflow actions and activities together into fully incentivised and notified - automated processes.


Protection from Ad-Blockers

The secret here is to make the ads indistinguishable from the surrounding content. This can only happen if the ads are served up by the self-same system which serves up all the content, and where there is no discernible data structure difference between said content and the advertising.


Lower Overheads

When you have a hybrid solution made up of 10-20 systems, you will spend a greater part of your time simply maintaining and ensuring that all those integrations are still working. As well as continually having to de-dupe and streamline your central database - all duties quite unnecessary with a single-source system.


Cleaner Database

Single-Source means one customer database with everything in its right place, no need to do periodic clean-ups which would be a necessity when you have several databases - via several different systems.


More Secure

As most know, when customers’ credit card details get hacked it’s usually when that data is in transit between two points or two systems. Running everything through the same system gives you a better overview, greater control and a more secure environment - it’s also easier to run checks to ascertain that all points of contact are fully secure.


More Speed

You will notice how when you use an ad blocker that most web pages load up much much faster. This is because you don’t need to wait for the ad server to connect and the ads to be sent back down the pipe. Some hybrid site pages have more than 20 3rd party plugins - all of which you need to wait for to load so that the whole page can be generated. This particular impacts on mobile which typically operates under lower bandwidths (3G/4G) and thus relies on fast-loading pages to provide any kind of satisfactory experience.


Adaptability / Scale

One coherent system is much more easily scaled up to quickly react to changes in business environment / growth / new opportunities etc. Managing scale over 20 disparate systems is very difficult to handle elegantly, let alone swiftly.


Do More

Where all the core activities run themselves and seamlessly dovetail into each other without any effort, you need spend far less time managing the actual system - which frees you up to be more progressive in delivering new and improved services to your customers. In short you can do more with less, and hopefully deliver increased revenues too ...

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