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What Makes an Audience CRM - and how does it deliver more benefits than a regular Sales CRM

Affino Unified Business PlatformAudience CRMCRMCustomer EngagementSales & Marketing AutomationSales CRM+-
Audience CRM vs Sales CRM

The Affino Unified Business Platform is a singular holistic solution - where everything has been developed to work seamlessly together from the ground up. Right at the core of the solution sits the Affino Audience CRM which is fully directly connected to every part and aspect of the system and instantly logs every engagement, transaction and interaction in real time.


The Audience CRM delivers more breadth and depth of scope - with instant and immediate reactions to every user-...

Achieve More with a Fully Connected CRM at the Heart of your Digital Platform

Audience CRMautomationBusiness ProcessesContact CaptureCRMPersonalisationProcess AutomationResourceSales Leads ManagementTargetingUnified Business PlatformWorkflows+-

Most business owners are already fully clear on how critical a CRM solution is for the running of a contemporary business. Many are not aware though of how much manual work and maintenance is required to support a typical CRM - something along the lines of Salesforce for instance.


A typical CRM deployment nowadays consists of significant customisation and integration work, just to get the CRM to connect or ’talk’ with your other critical business solutions. Salesforce can ...

2017 Will Be The Year of Dynamic Business Intelligence

AIanalysisArtificial IntelligenceAudience CRMAutomated Customer LadderautomationBig DataBussiness Intelligenceconversion eventsCRMengagementResourceSmart Dashboard+-

Last year, Affino development was largely focused on ramping up the Core Affino CRM - giving the heart of the system more capability, greater power and an extended reach. For most of our Clients this is already the core Business Processes tool - which harnesses key critical operational activities and seamlessly combines them through one highly connected and always-on central resource.


Unlike comparable systems, much of the business intelligence, and all of the routing is already ...

Affino Midyear Report

AffinoAffino Site LaunchAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformCRMdesign centreecommerceProductivityresponsive designSocial CRM+-

It’s been a heavy duty year on the development front, particularly as regards the CRM component of the platform. When the CRM was first introduced several years ago, it was mostly used as an adjunct to existing CRMs and ERPs, but as many Clients have moved away from systems like Salesforce, Affino’s CRM has had to take on an ever greater central role. To a point where it will very soon offer the complete Media Company CRM Solution - including print planning and management, order ...

The 10 Biggest Benefits of the Affino CRM

AffinoAffino Centralised CRMAffino Core CRMAffino CRMAffino Unified Digital Business PlatformAudience CRMCRMDigital CRMLead GenerationResourceSales & Marketing AutomationUnified Business PlatformUnified Digital Business Platform+-

When people think of CRM, most people’s first obvious association is with a separate CRM solution like Salesforce. In Affino, the CRM is the core of a Unified Digital Business Platform - which means it is an integral part in the heart of your business solution and therefore core to the business itself. Affino channels all of a business’s key activities through a single unified platform. Whatever the benefits of utilising a CRM therefore, these are exponentially increased by ...

The Real Deal of Affino Sales and Marketing Automation

AffinoAffino Automated Customer LadderAffino Social Commerce PlatformAutomated MessagingAutomated TriggersConsumer IncentivesCRMCustomer EngagementCustomer ExperienceCustomer Experience Managementcustomer ladderCustomer Relationship ManagementCustomer RewardsCustomer Servicemarketing automationResourceSales & Marketing Automationsales automationSocial Connectors+-

There have been a large number of articles in the past couple of months pitching and debunking the different angles on Sales and Marketing Automation (SMA). For most companies SMA means adding yet another layer of software / systems on top of an already highly complex suite of solutions. Most articles conclude that Sales and Marketing Automation is really only for the largest of companies, that it is not practically viable for small to medium enterprises.

One of the key things we at Affino do ...

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year