Maximising Revenue #1 - More effective customer targeting through Multi-domain Delivery

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We were somewhat surprised to find that the majority of eCommerce platforms cannot easily be set up or extended for Multi-domain Delivery. By this I mean the ability to target different market segments - whether geographic or other specialisation, by adjusting settings on the same site licence.

The Affino Social Commerce Solution offers just such an ability out-of-the-box; we call it a ’Zone’. You can set up numerous Zones on your Affino site licence - all with different URLs or domain subsets and all with unique design and content. Affino further has built-in tools like ’Structure Copy’, ’Restructure’ and ’Design Smart Copy’ to make it easier for you to adapt existing content, structure and look-and-feel - to create new targeted derivations.

In this way you can create the absolute optimal experience for each of your key target audiences, without any need for compromise. All retailers agree that you get the best results when you are able to provide each customer segment with their own optimised, dedicated retail environment.

When Gill & Macmillan first deployed Affino, they used their site licence for a single site - their eLearning platfrom The various Gill and Macmillan sites were spread across several different systems, which meant no resource / content sharing and a much larger management overhead for the admin team. The last few years have seen Gill & Macmillan implement a program whereby all the key sites now run on the same Affino licence; these include:

"At Gill & Macmillan, we have many different parts to our business, so it is essential for us to be able to run multiple stores effectively. Affino allows us to easily set up new stores which we can segregate and tailor exactly to our customers’ needs"

Stuart Bannon, Webmaster, Gill & Macmillan

Affino Multi-domain delivery can best be defined by the 5 following benefits:

  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Easier Discoverability
  • More Relevant SEO
  • More Effective Targeting

Contact our Business Development Director Marcus Svensson on for further insights on the revenue generating abilities of the Affino Social Commerce Solution.

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