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Affino 7 is one of the most versatile of the full-featured website systems and can be adapted for pretty much any means, there are certain scenarios though that Affino is already optimised for - high-impact out-of-the box performance.


Affino really is the complete Social Commerce Solution, so it is quite evident that in hybdrid retail and community deployments - Affino makes for a perfect choice - yet there are other less obvious permutations where Affino has significant pedigree and therefore eminent suitability too:


There are a number of International flagship Publishing sites running on Affino, including Human Kinetics in the USA, Gill & Macmillan in Ireland and Procurement Leaders in the UK. All these publishers capitalise on the full spectrum of Affino functionality and utilise a myriad of targeted microsites using the best of Affino’s commercial and social features. The scope of what all these organisations have already achieved - each running off just a single Multi-Site Affino Licence - is already impressive, and they are all still growing.


Social Commerce and Hybrid Online Retail
Whilst there are millions of ecommerce sites out there on the web, there are very few that combine multiple varieities of retail - digital, packaged goods, subscriptions and memberships - alongside social promotion and community support. Retail sites which allow their consumers to champion and support the products and services they consume are a breed apart and have many more revenue streams open to them - Affino proponents at the forefront of online retail include Aido, Bathroom and Showers Direct and Flower Innovations.


Commercial Communities and Professional Networks
Affino’s version of community is one which generates revenues for the site owners by as many means possible - through fully servicing the community’s members. Both Filmutea and Digital Doughnut have capitalised on Affino’s capabilities for connecting and rewarding site owners and site users alike. Filmutea for instance offers a number of professional subscription and bulletin board facilities alongside an Affino-powered funding platform and auxiliary services - to provide the complete professional film maker’s resource - a one-stop utility for anyone wanting to make films in Spain - seek out cast and crew, equip, fund, produce and distribute the resulting motion pictures.


Online Recruitment
Over the last 5 years or so, Affino has been significantly expanding its pedigree in the field of online recruitment - working initially with Filmutea (Film Professionals), and more recently with leading UK blue-chip recruitment consultancy Investigo in rolling out a full-featured platform which combines integrations with leading recruitment utilities like Broadbean alongside the best of social CRM and community features - making the entire online recruitment environment a simpler and more gratifying experience for recruiters and job-seekers alike.


Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics is really a subset of Hybrid Retail, but a sector which particularly benefits from Affino’s combination of smart retail with underlying community membership support. Electronic goods and computer games in particular have always attracted a big online following which manifests itself in prodigious and intense bulleting board and blog activity. Affino’s social commerce environment best places retailers to capitalise on the efforts of its followers - where all the activities can be streamlined through a single system to genuinely serve the needs of both consumers and retailers alike. Aido, the Middle Easts largest online entertainment store, combines campaign-driven etailing with localised digital downloads.


Lifestyle Portals
Affino is the ideal solution for a Lifestyle Brand looking to build the perfect environment to fully connect with its audience. Affino’s essential strenghts in Social Commerce allows brands to build fully immersive experiences which generate better customer relations alongside better revenue opportunities. Affino sites - Fillow, SecondsOut and Ask My Community are at the forefront of building fully immersive lifestyle experiences with multiple revenue opportunities.


Personality and VIP Sites
Affino allows Actors, Artists, Celebrities and Musicians to set up fully monetised fan / membership portals where memorabilia and merchandising can be sold alongside memberships, subscriptions and other essential services. The Community portion of the Eric Prydz site runs on Affino, and up until his recent move to EMI, the whole Eric Prydz site experience was powered by Affino. Affino gives ambitious public personalities the best means to control their image online alongside multiple promotional and revenue opportunities.


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