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Affino 8.0.15 - Visual Highlights

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There are so many great new features in this release that it is hard to showcase more than a fraction of them. Four key areas worth taking a deeper dive on are the Editions, Accounts, CRM and Seminars.


Each of these have been re-imagined and transformed in how they are able to drive forward your your business through reputation marketing and engagement. Simply select any image to zoom in and navigate through them all.

Advanced Edition > Desktop

Advanced Edition > Desktop

We have introduced the ability to present entire edition directories, including both advanced and simple editions in Affino.


Above you can see an advanced edition, which can be used to showcase all the key elements of your edition, whether print or digital, including:

  • The Title
  • Cover
  • Introduction (wysiwyg)
  • Document download (with the option to have permission based lead generation)
  • Multiple contact lists
  • Any number of company lists (simply select contact lists and the accounts will be featured)
  • The articles featured in the edition (filter the articles and select the highlight ones)
  • Featured highlights of each on the overview tab

There is considerable flexibility in how to present the cover and introduction, and in how you list out the content. You define the tabs and tab order, what lists you want to feature and how bold the presentation is going to be.



Advanced Edition > Mobile

Advanced Edition > Mobile

The mobile layout on the Edition, optimises the presentation so that all the content and navigation looks great with no extra effort.

Account Directory Entry > Desktop

Account Directory Entry > Desktop

For the first time it is now possible to set up Company directories, surfacing companies, their offices, contacts, featured articles (including directory entries) and call to action directly from the CRM through to the live sites.


There are a great number of controls in place to ensure the optimal presentation of the content, and the ability to rapidly update any information, live / non-live status and much more on the fly.


We have made it possible to set Accounts as sponsored, to provide highlights and the full breadth of information they would want to present for repetitional marketing.


The layout can be extensively tweaked using Affino's Smart framework, taking it from a multi-column layout through to detailed listings.

Account Directory Entry > Mobile

Account Directory Entry > Mobile

The mobile optimised version of the account screens nicely re-frames and presents everything easily on the mobile for quick navigation and access.

CRM > Account Detail Panel

CRM > Account Detail Panel

We have considerably extended all aspects of Account management to surface a lot more useful data throughout Affino, especially on the Account listing and detail screens.


When viewing an Account in the CRM there is now a number of easy to access tools and vital information immediately on the Account Overview Panel.


New highlights include:

  • The Account Logo
  • Three new Action buttons to add a contact to the account, add an opportunity for the account, and add an account pro forma
  • It is possible to see the Primary Contact at a glance
  • Filter by other similar Account Types (simply click on the link)
  • View the Account Engagement Points (top right)
  • See whether or not the account is Public

Not shown here but equally important are all the new Account listing options, with the ability to sort both ways on all listing columns, the addition of a number of new columns, and the options to switch many of them off so that the listing can be optimised for small and large enterprises.


There is a great deal more going on, but these details add up to a considerably refined and more productive experience.



Advanced Seminar Listing > Desktop

Advanced Seminar Listing > Desktop

The new Advanced Seminar listing highlights a number of great improvements over the now simple version which we have had in Affino for some time.


At the top you can see the new navigation which lets you browse through each day and stream.


You can at any point start building an itinerary and email it to yourself, whether you are logged in or not. If you're not logged out Affino will simply email it to you, if you are logged in then Affino will remember your choices.


There are nice dynamic features to highlight streams, actions such as adding to itineneray and the ability to drill down to the detailed seminar.


It is also possible to share any individual seminar or filtered view of the seminars, greatly supporting the sales and marketing process, and making it easy for your users to bookmark and share.

Affino Advanced Seminar Grid with Clash Detection

Affino Advanced Seminar Grid with Clash Detection

The brand new Grid View (only available on larger screens) lets you navigate through all the seminars in a given day, and both highlights the seminars you have signed up for and notifies you if there's a session clash when you try to add new seminars to your itinerary which overlap with existing sessions.

Advanced Seminar Search > Mobile

Advanced Seminar Search > Mobile

The mobile view is nicely optimised to let you browse and search through all the seminars, with the same great itinerary, navigation (swipe-able), and ability to drill down to the seminars as on the desktop.


The ability to search and filter the results really does let your audience drill down to exactly the seminars they are looking for and review their itinerary when preparing for, and live at the event.


The ability for them to email themselves the itinerary means that they can have it on-hand without needing any network access during the event.

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