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BBC improve Glastonbury streaming with iPlayer timeline navigation

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This was far from a vintage year for Glastonbury - none of the headline sets were really up to previous memorable performances. There was little musical or stage show innovation here, and nothing too much to write home about. Florence and the Machine on the first night was just like every other performance we have seen of theirs, Kanye was too minimalist, a little disjointed and woefully out of tune on the Bohemian Rhapsody Kanye-Oke, and The Who looked somewhat tired.


Headline sets ...

Affino 7 Ideal Implementations

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Affino 7 is one of the most versatile of the full-featured website systems and can be adapted for pretty much any means, there are certain scenarios though that Affino is already optimised for - high-impact out-of-the box performance.


Affino really is the complete Social Commerce Solution, so it is quite evident that in hybdrid retail and community deployments - Affino makes for a perfect choice - yet there are other less obvious permutations where Affino has significant pedigree and ...

Favourite Affino Features

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This project is the culmination of a year’s work (for the Graphics!), in some ways it could be said to be the culmination of Affino’s 15 years of development. We have long wanted an elegant means of showcasing the extensive Affino Features Set - and we have takled it a number of ways previously - trying to do a complete features listing (100’s of individual elements - now archived for being too large), and the much celebrates ’Periodic Table of Affino Elements’ - ...

What is the correct definition for Social Commerce?

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In a recent Blog post, I referred to Brian Solis and JESS3’s ’Conversation Prism’ where they list 7 companies as being representative of Social Commerce; as follows:

Bazaarvoice - 3d Party Widgets for Ratings / Reviews / Answers - similar to UK-based Reevoo
Groupon - Group Buying / Discounts
LivingSocial - Group Buying / Discounts
Milo - Local Shopping Marketplace (They define themselves as the Anti-Amazon marketplace - representing local retailers)
ShopIgniter - eCommerce, Social...

The Conversation Prism outlines the full spectrum of the Social Internet

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Created by Brian Solis and JESS3 - ’The Conversation Prism’ is a colourwheel diagram which portrays the extended spectrum of Internet services / sites losely filed under the banner of ’Social’; there are 28 categories which cover most of the runners and riders, as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Attention/Communitcation Dashboards - HootSuite, TweetDeck, MediaFunnel etc.
  • Blog Platforms - Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc.
  • Blogs/Conversations - Technorati, Social|Median

The Future of Music Online 2010

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Is Spotify the Future of Music Online? - In part ...

The Future of Music Retail - Introduction


2 Significant music-related things happened for me in 2009. Firstly, I signed up for the Premium version of streaming service - Spotify; secondly, I finally succumbed to Apple and bought into the iPhone smartphone. I have several discarded MP3 players and iPods which have somewhat fallen into disuse as I found it a burden to carry around so many devices. The fact that the iPhone comes with iTunes / iPod functionality means that I now always ...

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