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Affino 7 Key Integrations

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Doing business online is much bigger than any one website. You have to be where the people are, integrate your business hub with all the key sites out there, and make sure that everything integrates effectively with your back-end systems that you use day in and day out to get things done within your company.


Affino 7 integrates with over 100 systems, and of those 60 are out-of-the box integrations that you can simply enter your settings and connect to Affino. Affino also has a great ...

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Affino 7 Key Inspirations

2012 London OlympicsAffinoAffino 7AmazonappleBBCComrzFaceBookGoogleLinkedInLondon 2012London 2012 Olympics+-

An enormous amount of input goes into every major Affino version release, and Affino 7 is no exception. Front and centre to all our considerations are our customers’ ongoing requirements and feature requests - Affino almost wholly evolves along collaborative lines between the Comrz Team and every single one of Affino’s users.


It’s frequently a tough job consolidating all the different diverse requirements into a single streamlined system, but this is what we do every ...

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Mark Zuckerberg prematurely declares the death of Email again!

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We’ve heard it several times now - that with the growth of Social Messaging - email is on its way out! However, for me if anything - email is on the way up! I have various Social Media subscriptions which all come to my inbox - from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. - all my receipts, including those from the various Apple stores - as well as all my key bills and statements, these are all now notified electronically via email!

I really don’t understand what these Social Media...

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Easy Pee-sy Social Media for Dummies

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I believe this great diagramatic explanation of Social Media first appeared on French Blog site ’Vanished Omen’. I spotted it on ’Gizmodo’, obviously the graphics were a bit ropey - so I did my own version.

I would have liked to have included ’Flickr’ in there as well, as I believe this is still a significant Social Media resource, but the original’s simplicity and symmetry bore out.

We obviously integrate ’Twitter’, ’Facebook’, &...

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Affino Social Commerce - Smarter, Seamless Social Commerce

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I’m sure many of you have heard of the Social Commerce definition of placing tills next to water coolers and water coolers next to tills. This is how the vast majority of Social Commerce is implemented - as a bolt-on or add-on, not necessarily central to the main consumer experience.

The purpose of Social Commerce - is to integrate social interactions with commercial transactions, so that when someone buys something - they can get advice, influence and a second opinion on their purchases - ...

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Affino Proto Account Live Beta on

Account SyncingAffinoComrzContent ShareFaceBookFacebook ConnectintegrationLinkedInLinkedIn ConnectMySpaceOpenIDOpenID Connectsocial mediasocial networkingSocial PromotionTwitterTwitter Connect+-

Lots of websites have icons with ’Facebook Connect’, ’Connect with Twitter’ or ’Connect to LinkedIn’ and the like. In most cases, these are simply just links to company or brand-specific pages on those Social Networking Sites - nothing dynamic or revolutionary happening there.

On some sites you see ’Login with Facebook’ or ’Login with Twitter’, this is more along the lines of what the Affino Proto Account offers, but not quite the whole ...

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MySpace gets a Makeover and Facebook Mashup

AffinoComrzEntertainmentFaceBookLinkedInLogin SyncmusicMySpaceOpenIDProto AccountReal-time stremsocial mediasocial networkingTwitterUpdate StreamUser AccountWebsite Management+-

I have updated my MySpace profile now for the first time in about 3 years or more. I rarely use my MySpace Profile, although I use MySpace a whole lot for checking out the latest releases from my many favourite bands.

MySpace has just recently gone through one amazing upheaval - I love the brand evolution, the - my [_____] - ident / motif is genius. The new look and feel is fantastic, and the new Facebook Mashup feature is equally inspired. As MySpace CEO Mike Jones explains:

“We are ...

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Topographic Snapshot of Social Networking in 2010

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Social Networking and Media in 2010

Social Marketing Platform FlowTown have created a JR Tolkien ’Middle Earth’-like topographic map / infographic of the main Social Networking / Social Media Players in 2010.


The top 8 places below come from the FlowTown data, while numbers 9 and 10 come from Wikipedia. It is interesting to see that even though the placings of the top 10 are pretty much the same, both sources disagree over the exact figures.

There are also some nebulous networks like Windows Live Spaces (120m...

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The Internet and Smart Phones are accelerating the evolution of language

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Are you familiar with ’txt spk’, ’rickrolling’, ’lols’ / ’lulz’; do you ’Google’ and ’Tweet’ text in abbreviated leet or chatspeak?

Do you indulge in this kind of malarky?:


thx daz 2g2bt cya thr l8r 2mro

(Thanks that’s too good to be true, see you there later tomorrow)

SMS and Instant Messenger chat were the last signficant leaps forward in stimulating language development, and currently Blogs...

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