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Affino 7 Key Inspirations

2012 London OlympicsAffinoAffino 7AmazonappleBBCComrzCustomer Experience PlatformFaceBookGoogleLinkedInLondon 2012London 2012 OlympicsResource+-

An enormous amount of input goes into every major Affino version release, and Affino 7 is no exception. Front and centre to all our considerations are our customers’ ongoing requirements and feature requests - Affino almost wholly evolves along collaborative lines between the Comrz Team and every single one of Affino’s users.


It’s frequently a tough job consolidating all the different diverse requirements into a single streamlined system, but this is what we do every day. Pretty much every tiny nuanced functionality has been specified for a particular business scenario and activity. For every major release we endeavour to simplify the user experience, which is not always as simple as it sounds as no two Affino users deploy the system in exactly the same manner.


Every consideration is made to imbue Affino with simplicity, elegance and ease of use. It thus follows that the key technological inspirations convey those same values of clarity of purpose, elegance and simplicity:


London 2012 Olympics Look and Feel

The degree of detail and finish of the many elements of the London Olympics are a key influence in the look of the new interface. In particular, we took inspiration from the dynamic keyline pictograms - which elegantly convey movement and modernity. Affino’s Key Navigation Icons are largely inspired by those pictograms - harnessing the same values of forward movement and dynamism



Still the benchmark for online retail, now with a vastly improved elegant interface - Amazon continues to inspire with its ever increasing depth and breadth and yet singularity of purpose



Apple still remains the benchmark for elegant product and interface design, and supreme ease of use. It’s focus on learnability remains a significant design influence in how we consider Affino’s daily usability and overall customer experience



Despite its detractors, the BBC is a significant pioneer online - with its iPlayer representing the first and the best of the Internet TV Players, and the relatively recent update being the first significant move towards tablet-style navigation for the main website interface



The world’s most popular people-connector maintains its position for a reason. Despite lacklustre performance on the stock exchange, Facebook is still the benchmark for a unified Social Networking / Social Media experience - the Facebook image cache significantly outnumbers that of all its leading competitors combined, and despite criticisms it still has much to recommend it



Still a giant and a pioneer in many fields, we are most enamoured by Google’s recent design and interface direction - with technologies such as gmail, Google+, YouTube and the always evolving Google Search. The new Affino 7 pays particular heed to the minimal and elegant style of interface pioneered by the latest evolutions of gmail



Affino is a professional. revenue-generating solution with a significant online recruitment component, so it’s no surprise that Affino is influenced in some way by the leading professional social network too

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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year