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Website still considered most important marketing channel for majority of businesses

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In the Econsultancy / Oracle Marketing Cloud ’Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2015’ - where the question posed was ’Which three marketing channels are the biggest priorities for your organisation over the next year? The most mentioned ended up being Website, by a clear margin (57%), then Email (48%) and Social Media (42%), with SEO (34%) and Paid Search (18%) rounding off the top 5.


There’s a strange distinction in this survey between first placed ’Website&...

The Trouble with Email

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Most people have issues with email these days - too many messages, too much spam, too much malware, and too many important notices getting lost in the mix. For most commercial companies - email is still a significant part of the communications side of the operation. We have seen some significant inroads with social media messaging apps, but very few of these combine desktop notifications successfully with the more typical mobile device ones.


Every few years Mark Zuckerberg proclaims ...

H.O.P.P.A. - The 5 Rules of Promotional Mailings

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I am often asked for advice on writing promotional mailings - targeted emails to be specific. I have long thought that there must be some simple formula to refer people to, and for such purposes, I have come up with the following H.O.P.P.A. acronym:



H = Hook


This is really your email subject or title, and should consist of an appealing offer or contain a promise of some degree of enlightenment if the recipient reads further. Many professional people receive 100’s...

Newsletter Netiquette - Best Practice Email Targeting

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As a marketing man, I will always be in favour of the pull rather than push mechanic - doing clever, captivating subliminal campaigns which gently sway people into action, rather than forcefully cajoling people into action via an ongoing barrage of prompts and ’offers’. I’m not saying I’m entirely opposed to outbound marketing of the email sort, it’s just that you can so easily cross the line from an informative service into harassment.


Most companies, ...

Mark Zuckerberg prematurely declares the death of Email again!

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We’ve heard it several times now - that with the growth of Social Messaging - email is on its way out! However, for me if anything - email is on the way up! I have various Social Media subscriptions which all come to my inbox - from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. - all my receipts, including those from the various Apple stores - as well as all my key bills and statements, these are all now notified electronically via email!

I really don’t understand what these Social Media...

Should you get a Facebook Email Account?

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A big announcement is expected tomorrow from Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg has organised a press conference, presumably to announce the launch of Facebook’s Project Titan email client.

The current freemail landscape looks a little like this:

We all know that Facebook has 500+ million users, so it’s an obvious step forward for Facebook to take, and there is the promise of some clever Facebook business ...

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