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Mark Zuckerberg prematurely declares the death of Email again!

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We’ve heard it several times now - that with the growth of Social Messaging - email is on its way out! However, for me if anything - email is on the way up! I have various Social Media subscriptions which all come to my inbox - from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. - all my receipts, including those from the various Apple stores - as well as all my key bills and statements, these are all now notified electronically via email!

I really don’t understand what these Social Media...

RIM gets in on October launch fest with a Porsche-designed gem of its own

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With all the column inches these days being devoted to the 3-way tussle between iOS, Android and Windows platforms, and each seeing a new platform flagship phone launch in October, RIM obviously thought they would need to maintain current mindshare by launching a flagship model of their own.

This BlackBerry flagship is a Porsche Design P’9981 - based on the 9900 Bold model - but made with premium materials, and having its own unique skinned interface. It comes up very slightly larger than ...

CoolBrands turns out to be the Mercury Music Awards of Branding

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Once a year we get the proclamation from the CoolBrands Expert Council of judges as to which brands are considered to be the coolest and most ’of the moment’.

For a Branding Expert like myself, there are all manner of peculiar entries in the top 10. As anyone who owns an Aston Martin will tell you - they are lovely cars to look at, less lovely to own - being extreme gas guzzlers and supposedly spending large parts of their working lives in a garage workshop - there is an infinite ...

What have we learnt from the Riots?

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I followed the riots live across multiple resources for 3 of the 4 main days of rioting. I caught pretty much all the reportage and interviews, updates, aftermaths and expositions; and the following is my own personal POV roundup:


Probable Causes?

The BBC posted a list of 10 likely contributors to the Riots, to which I have added a few more:


Welfare Dependence - The mix of people involved in the riots does not really underline this - rich kid brats, postmen, ...

iPad 2 is an obvious improvement on its predecessor, but does it have enough to maintain its supremacy?

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As a marketing man, I am always slightly uncomfortable when watching Steve Jobs present, the experience is a little akin to being in the presence of an overly committed evangelical street preacher or snake oil salesman for that matter.

will always try to dazzle you with ’statistics’ and ’facts’ which are always presented as being concrete and absolute, but are usually marketing distortions of the truth. I contend that he was largely wheeled out on this occasion to ...

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