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The Increasingly Random Nature of Amazon Prime Deliveries

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So while Amazon’s profitability and share price are still hovering at an all time high, and the success of Echo continues to grow - some of their service elements seem to be on the slide. I have reported various issues in the past, particularly with delivery, and particularly with the ’Amazon Logistics’ service - which seems to be the least reliable of the courier services Amazon uses - especially when compared to the always excellent DPD.


As a Prime member - the ...

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2015 Christmas Retail Review

2015 Christmas RetailAmazonChristmas RetailChristmas Retail ReviewJohn LewisRetail IndustryRetail Performance+-

Seems this past Christmas was quite the mixed bag. Those companies I use predominantly seemed to fare well - including of course Amazon in particular, John Lewis and House of Fraser. The mild weather had a significant impact on Fashion Retail, with several in that sector posting results below expectations - including Next. The Entertainment sector was saved by Adele’s latest album, the Paddington Movie DVD, and a few blockbuster game releases - FIFA 16, Call of Duty Black Ops III and ...

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Amazon not consistently delivering the goods!

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Amazon Logistics delivers mixed blessings, with many parts of the service not up to the standards of principal former delivery agent DPD. We have the advantage of Sunday deliveries now which is a great innovation, yet delivery times and reliability seem somewhat haphazard.


4 times this year I have been told that my package is ’out for delivery today’ only to get notice at the end of play that there were some unforeseen issues, and the package does not appear until the ...

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Taylor Swift vs Spotify vs the value of Streaming Music

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Taylor Swift is not the first to remove her entire catalogue from Spotify and nor will she be the last. Following on from her disingenuous pretense at offering better service to UK fans by forcing them to buy her whole pre-release album instead of being able to download individual promo tracks like the rest of the world could do. It’s not a surprise that she’s taken these latest extreme measures, but the reasons she gives are nothing more than record label bulls**t spin - in an ...

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Kindle Unlimited is far from a Spotify or even Netflix for Books

AmazonBook RetailBooks by SubscriptioneBooksElectronic BooksEPUBeReaderFuture of PublishingKindle UnlimitedOyster BookspublishingPublishing IndustryScribdZola Books+-

As an avid Amazon Prime member and a somewhat dedicated bookworm, I was exceedingly glad to read the announcement of Kindle Unlimited - a new service to provide unfettered access to 600,000+ Kindle books for a monthly $9.99 fee. Book series - Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, as well as personal favourite ’Life of Pi’ were used to punctuate the announcement to show that there were some big titles in the mix. I predicted that Amazon would launch its own Spotify for ...

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Why Waterstones founder is wrong about eBooks

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Tim Waterstone, who founded the bookshop chain of the same name in 1982, argues that traditional books will see off the eBook revolution, and in fact that eBooks are already on their way into decline. About the only thing I do agree with Tim on is that traditional books will endure.


In literary nation Iceland, it is still fashionable to give and receive books at Christmas, and for the most part that industry is still reasonably healthy - pending of course publishing sensations and the ...

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Maximising Revenue #5 - Total Monetization by deriving revenues from every online activity

Advertising OnlineAffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionAmazonappleCharging for contentContent SubscriptionContent SyndicationCustomer JourneyDerive Revenues OnlineDigital CommercedownloadsecommerceGoogleMake money onlineMake money through siteMaximising RevenueMobile CommerceOn-demand servicesOnline Funding PlatformOnline MembershipOnline PresenceOnline Revenue StreamsOnline Services PlatformOnline SponsorshipProduct PlacementStore CreditsTotal MonetizationUploadswebsite revenue streams+-

Many people don’t realise quite how many ways you can have to derive revenues through your online presence. In this article we focus on generating revenues from and through a website and its associated online activities. There are other ancillary monetizing streams like App creation and merchandising, but these typically require additional resources and expertise so they are omitted on this occasion.


We always encourage our solution customers to consider their own consumers&rsquo...

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12 Ways in which smaller retailers can take on Amazon

AmazonCommerce StrategyecommerceNet-a-PorterOnline Competitivenessonline retailOnline ShoppingRetail AdvantageRetail CompetitionRetail Strategysocial commerceSockShopWiggle+-

Since it’s origin as an American online bookseller in 1994, Amazon has gone on to conquer the world. In most regions where it is active, it is the pre-eminent Internet Retailer, and now covers near enough every conceivable area of shopping, albeit not equally in every territory.


I’ve been an Amazon Prime Member for some time now, and alongside the Ocado Smart Pass, consider this an everyday essential service! I love the ease at looking something up, and fire and forget ...

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Online sales see fastest growth for 13 years

2013 Internet Sales2013 Online SalesAmazonappleASOSCapgeminiDixonsecommerceeRetaile-Retail Sales IndexIMRGinternet retailInternet SalesMobile CommerceNextonline retailOnline SalesSamsungsocial commerce+-

In Britain, the ’Internet Shopping Capital of the World’ (q.v.), sales for September 2013 rose 13% from August, like-for-like comparison with September 2012 saw a rise of 20% between years (IMRG / Capgemini).


Clothing, especially lingerie and undergarments, saw strong increases on the success of sites like


Mobile devices, including smartphones from Apple and Samsung saw a rise of 150% compared with 2012 - which directly impacts on shopping via mobile ...

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The Essential Ingredients Required for Full Social Commerce

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In my definition, the essence of Retail Social Commerce is not just the ability for customers to interact with ecommerce catalogue items and convey their likes and recommendations - it is the ability for other customers to correlate those recommendations with their own personal preferences.


The above illustration touches on the 4 key areas in my opinion, and I will reference examples of each here below:


LIKES - largely popularised by Facebook, these are now pretty much ...

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