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Vertical Lifestyle Membership Portals are where publishing should be at in 2014

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You should have already read that publishers’ traditional revenue streams of advertising and subscription are not really translating into online success - there’s too much free stuff online, so subscriptions and connected advertising revenues are turning out to be relatively low yield. Some publishers are pinning their hopes on Native Advertising - i.e. Advertorials by another name - but most savvy consumers have already learnt to spot and avoid clicking on those also. In my ...

Why Social Commerce is Essential for Publishers in 2014

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As part of our marketing campaign this year, we’ve reviewed a heck of a lot of publisher / magazine / book retailer websites, and while a lot of them are taking positive steps; as a whole, the industry is still a little bit off the pace for what the Internet can truly deliver. Most publishers are still faced with dwindling book sales overall, particularly since the slow-down of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ phenomenon which briefly invigorated the industry.


There’s ...

10 eCommerce and Retail Trends for 2014

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Picking up from some of the key activities of 2013 and extrapolating forward for the next 12 months - some things, like the Amazon drone deliveries are still in the world of the fantastical. Fortunately, most of what’s coming up in 2014 is on a more practical plane. Most of what’s up and coming was initiated last year - and whilst some of these elements are in their infancy, many too are accelerating rapidly and reaching maturity ...

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