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Fall in ITV Advertising further underlines demise of traditional ad formats

Ad IdentsadvertisingAdvertising FormatsAdvertorialNative AdvertisingOnnline AdsProduct PlacementTV Ads+-

Consumer behaviour has been changing for a while now - most of us contemporary beings watch very little scheduled TV anymore. It’s really only my parents’ generation who watch TV to a schedule; everyone I know in my generation watches catch-up or on-demand - Netflix, Amazon, NowTV etc. My younger nephews and nieces are almost entirely tablet or laptop based now and spend most of their time on Apps or YouTube.


The thing is we have way more choices now via digital media than ...

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How Essena O'Neill exposed the ugly underbelly of Social Media and Influencer Marketing

EndorsementEssena O'NeillInfluencer MarkeitngInstagramProduct PlacementSelfie-PublicitySelf-PublicitySocial Media InfluenceSocial Media LifestyleSoical Mediayoutube+-

Everyone is now familiar with Essena’s route to fame - via posting ’posed’ pictures on Instagram and the occasional YouTube featurette. Social Media celebrities are a dime-a-dozen these days and many are far too young and lack the strength of character to handle the nastier side such exposure brings.


Individuals put themselves under huge amounts of pressure (particularly psychological) to create and catch perfect moments to properly represent their supposedly fabulous...

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Editorially-controlled Native Advertising is the only viable future for Mobile Publishers

advertisingAdvertorialEditorial AdvertisingEditorial Native AdvertisingEndorsementMobile AdvertisingNative AdvertisingProduct PlacementProgrammatic AdvertisingpublishingSponsorship+-

The very best kind of advertising is that which is absolutely contextual, integral, personal and wholly targeted - it should be a value added part of the normal browsing / reading process, and should most definitely not stand out like a sore thumb! The very worst kind of advertising by contrast is interruptive, take-over, diversionary nonsense which takes a reader out of their flow and away from their principal area of interest and primary purpose. As a former ad man, I have no qualms in saying...

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The age of intrusive advertising is being overtaken by smart brand advocacy

advertisingAdvertorialBrand AdvocacyEndorsementIntrusive AdvertisingNative AdvertisingPre-roll adsProduct Placementsocial mediaSocial PromotionSponsorhipTV Sponsorship Idents+-

The last vestiges of more traditional advertising - pre-roll video ads, native advertising and TV sponsorship idents etc. are all coming under threat of extinction. Anything which is deemed intrusive or interruptive will no longer be tolerated by target audiences. Brand owners instead need to rely on more subtle ways of brand advocacy like product placement and celebrity / personality endorsements.


A classic example of the new paradigm is TV Show ’Made in Chelsea’ which now...

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Maximising Revenue #5 - Total Monetization by deriving revenues from every online activity

Advertising OnlineAffinoAffino 7Affino Social Commerce SolutionAmazonappleCharging for contentContent SubscriptionContent SyndicationCustomer JourneyDerive Revenues OnlineDigital CommercedownloadsecommerceGoogleMake money onlineMake money through siteMaximising RevenueMobile CommerceOn-demand servicesOnline Funding PlatformOnline MembershipOnline PresenceOnline Revenue StreamsOnline Services PlatformOnline SponsorshipProduct PlacementStore CreditsTotal MonetizationUploadswebsite revenue streams+-

Many people don’t realise quite how many ways you can have to derive revenues through your online presence. In this article we focus on generating revenues from and through a website and its associated online activities. There are other ancillary monetizing streams like App creation and merchandising, but these typically require additional resources and expertise so they are omitted on this occasion.


We always encourage our solution customers to consider their own consumers&rsquo...

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