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Too Many Apps?

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The average smartphone user has between 25 and 100 apps installed on their phone - I happen to have a rather more elaborate 253 currently. Regardless of numbers, the typical user only really uses 25 of those apps regularly. We have discussed the pros and cons of native apps versus responsive-design websites in the past - the key differences between browser bookmarks and stand-alone utilities.


In light of better privacy controls coming to browsers (e.g. Safari 9) - which allow users ...

Responsive Design vs Native Apps

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There’s been much in the media recently about the relative merits of the Responsive Design approach versus creating platform-specific Apps. Firstly, it goes without saying that a great number of Apps get their input / database feed from a master website of some description. For many companies, the best strategy would be a mix of both of the aforementioned formats. Yet here we will line up the pros and cons of each to help you figure out which overall approach may be strongest for you:


Apple launches Student Textbook MKII

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Yesterday’s Apple Education Event (iBooks 2) was essentially all about the iPad’s increasing role within the realms of education. I already own a number of educational-type Apps on my iPad which I believe had a significant impact on this evolution - Touch Press’s ’The Elements’ and ’Solar System’ as well as Transworld Digital’s ’The Magic of Reality’ are all superb types of a new interactive forms of learning - the latter is closer to ...

iPad 2 is an obvious improvement on its predecessor, but does it have enough to maintain its supremacy?

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As a marketing man, I am always slightly uncomfortable when watching Steve Jobs present, the experience is a little akin to being in the presence of an overly committed evangelical street preacher or snake oil salesman for that matter.

will always try to dazzle you with ’statistics’ and ’facts’ which are always presented as being concrete and absolute, but are usually marketing distortions of the truth. I contend that he was largely wheeled out on this occasion to ...

Online Economy Direct-to-Market Distribution is making millions for some resourceful individuals

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Most are familiar with the various Marketplaces which exist on the web; e.g. Amazon Marketplace, eBay and Google Products - and how individuals are making use of these resources to set up their own personal retail bussinesses, even though many of these are really just extended online garage sales. Away from physical products, there is a growing digital retail industry also.

Several people are making money from posting home-made videos to sites like YouTube; home-recorded studio productions being ...

Is Apple getting too greedy?

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There has been much in the blogosphere recently about Apple’s new App Store Subscription policy which demands that publishers make their content subscriptions available for in-app purchase at equal or lower price the publisher offers anywhere else; e.g. direct sales.


For distributors and resellers - including all the eBook store vendors (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Sony) what this really means is that either they forego the entirety of their margin or else raise their prices ...

Google Chrome Web Store Up and Running

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Google unveiled its browser-based Web Store (App Store) earlier this week, taking a leaf out of Apple’s book and applying the App Store methodology to their own Chrome browser environment. As of today, there are nearly 1000 Apps and extensions available, the most popular of which are social utilities TweetDeck and HootSuite, alongside the usual avalanche of games, news and information services.

I was very happy to see one of my favourite games - ’Plants vs Zombies’ available, ...

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