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A number of the best minds in the publishing industry will be presiding at next Wednesday’s Campaign Publishing Summit Event - including our good friend and ally Daniel Pearce, CEO of TTG Media, and our own CEO Markus Karlsson.


The Publishing Summit bills itself as ’Redefining publishing strategy and driving innovation’ and we at Affino are certainly right in the frame for innovation and leading-edge publishing strategies alongside our clients.


Dan is part of...

Apple gives Small Businesses a Boost by Lowering App Store Commission to 15% from January 2021

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In one of a number of recent concessions to developers, Apple has decided to lower its Commission fees from 30% to 15% - for those apps which make less than $1m from the Apple App store annually - which covers most development outfits, with Apple estimating 98% of app developers benefitting. This is possibly short-term stimulus during the pandemic and may be reviewed and adjusted back at some stage next year.


It does though give hard-pressed developers and publishers running those apps...


Congratulations and commiseration are due to the hard working team at The Stage Media Company. At this evening’s PPA Independent Publisher Awards they rightly came aways with the Team of the Year - for the sterling work of The Stage’s News Team. This was also reflected in The Stage receiving a Highly Commended Award in the Podcast of the Year Category.


The Judging Panel shared :


"The news team at The Stage is passionate, going the extra mile to save the industry it...

Congratulations to TTG Media for their Highly Commended Award in the Coronavirus Response Category at this Evening's PPA IPN Awards

CoronavirusCoronavrisu HubCovid-19PPAPPA Independent Publisher AwardsPPA Independent Publisher Conference & AwardsTTGTTG Media+-

Congratulations and commiseration are due to the ever great Team at TTG Media who’ve put in another amazing shift this year with their massive quick-witted and full-range response to the Coronavirus pandemic - being first with a proper Coronavirus Sector Hub of its kind - which galvanised an entire Travel Industry. And was then followed up with further deep-reaching initiatives, including the wide-reaching #SaveTravel Campaign.


No one was more deserving of recognition for their ...

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers & Arm Take the Win for Commercial Partnership of the Year Category at this Evening's PPA IPN Awards

Arm LtdCommercial Partnership of the Year AwardInstitution of Mechanical EngineeringPPAPPA Independent Publisher AwardsPPA Independent Publisher Conference & Awards+-

It was our pleasure, actually rather CEO Markus’s pleasure to present the IoME and Arm with the Award for Commercial Partnership of the Year. This was for their collaboration on the Limitless Engineering Webinars, including more specifically - IOT Adoption and Attitudes in the Industry.


The Judging Panel stated :


"Their strategy was clear and concise, which resulted in a well-executed partnership that was well received by the audience, enhancing both parties’ ...


Once more Affino is proud to support the Publishing Industry in these challenging times - through our continued endorsement of the Professional Publishing Association. We delight in bringing new and interesting talents to the fore and celebrating the very best in publishing innovation.


We are again sponsoring the PPA Independent Publishing Awards Commercial Partnership , as it very aptly ties into our own collaborative way of conducting business in partnership with our clients.


The Impact of Coronavirus On Changing Consumer Behaviour and Lifestyle Habits

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There has been a lot of speculation in the media of late about the cultural impact of Coronavirus and whether it is likely to bring lasting changes to society. Behavioural Psychologists and Marketeers will tell you about how repetition and repeat behaviour becomes habit-forming and eventually changes perceptions and the accepted norm for how things are done.


For instance it takes approximately 2 months of regular repeat behaviour for something to become habit-forming. A classic example...

Data Regulators are failing to enforce GDPR which is leading to massive ongoing Data Breaches and Exploitations of Privacy Details

AdTechData BreachData RegulatorGDPRGoogleIABICOIrish Council for Civil LiberitesProgrammatic Advertising+-

An ongoing investigation by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties has exposed how Google and IAB have continued to exploit EU and GDPR Law in sharing User Privacy Details with nearly 1,000 affiliated companies for further customer exploitation - and wholly without Explicit Consent as required by GDPR and EU Law.


It of course doesn’t help matters here that the UK’s regulator - the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has effectively placed itself on hiatus for the ...

Affino's Extended-Range Support Provision Delivers a Deeper and More Connected Service

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This past year has seen a host of significant improvements in Affino’s Advisory and Support services. At the the core of the new excellence in service delivery is a whole range of investments we have made in building up a dedicated in-house support team, upgrading all our existing help guides and creating dozens more, introducing FAQs and design video guides and evolving all our training courses and advisory services significantly.


Growing Customer Service Team

As a leading ...

Humanity Direct's Mission as Vital and Impactful as Ever as it celebrates 5 Years Running on Affino

Affino Chosen CharitycharitycommerceCoronavirusfundraisingHumanity DirectSales & Marketing AutomationVirtual Run+-

Humanity Direct is Affino’s chosen and preferred Charity Partner, and 2020 - despite all its challenges, marks the 5 Year Anniversary of our collaboration. On such an auspicious occasion we felt this would be an ideal time to catch up with our Humanity Direct colleagues and review their ongoing mission and evolution and celebrate what we had achieved together.

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