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Origin Effects RevivalDrive First Impressions

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Origin Effects RevivalDrive OmniDrive + -

I was fortunate enough to take delivery of my Origin Effects RevivalDrive Custom (with extra front EQ panel) and optional (but essential) Footswitch yesterday. I have been eagerly anticipating this since the start of April when it was first announced - and I have to say that I am wholly delighted with the results to far.


My intentions were that this would become my Plexi pedal of choice - sidelining my excellent Empress MultiDrive. Yet the RevivalDrive is a veritable next level pedal ...

Mid-Size Delay & Reverb Guitar Workshop Pedal Alternatives

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Delay Pedals Reverb Pedals Mid-size Workstation Pedals + -

As always there’s a rhyme and reason for this particular feature. My end-of-chain time-based effects are currently the Empress EchoSystem Dual Delay and Boss RV-500 Dual Reverb - both pedals in fact preceded by an Eventide H9 Max which also gives me a full range of options for both Delay and Reverb.


All these three pedals are preceded by a Boss MD-500 Modulation Workstation, but before this arrangement I used to roll with the Strymon Stryfecta of Mobius, TimeLine and BigSky. I ...

Guitar Pedal Volume Drop Issues and Solutions and the need for expansive Output Level Control

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Guitar Pedal Volume Volume Drop + -

Anyone who uses vintage and analogue modulation effects pedals will most likely have witnessed an obvious drop in volume when those pedals are activated. It’s one of the reasons I tend to avoid vintage effects - alongside their unusual power requirements, odd shapes and overly large footprints.


In some of my previous features and reviews I have been criticised for not mentioning the volume drop on certain pedals - like an EHX Electric Mistress - I though pretty much take it for ...

Troll Wrangling

Trolling Trolls Vocal Minority Persistent Agitators Handling Trolls Troll Wrangling + -

For any site owner it is wholly inevitable that you will eventually encounter Trolls - those posting negative and inflammatory comments, messages, form entries and pretty much most any kind of input on the site. These agitators often have psychological issues but often they are just bored and lacking attention. Much like an unruly child at school they do need to be dealt with swiftly, otherwise their activities can spread, and they can nevertheless cause undue disruption which can have ...

Google's New Chrome Ad Filter / Blocker and what you need to know

Google Chrome Cookie Armageddon Ad Blockers Advertising Best Practice Online Advertiising Google Chrome Filter + -

Back on February 15th Google introduced a number of new ad filtering algorithms into its Chrome browser - these have also come to be known as ’Chrome Filtering’, and are a series of automated processes which protect users by screening out questionable advertiser behaviour.


The new guidance is split across Desktop and Mobile devices, and I will refer to the diagrams in each of the included images - which I have updated for greater clarity.



Pop-Up Ads

Ads ...

Twin Footswitch Alexander Pedals New / NEO and Old

Electric Guitar Guitar Ownership Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals Alexander Pedals Twin Footswtich Pedals + -

Alexander are one of my favourite pedal-makers even though I have only acquired one of theirs to date (La Calavera Phaser) and even that currently falls secondary to my Chase Bliss Wombtone. Yet I have always admired the imagination and innovation of this mostly digital pedal specialist and have several of these on my infinite wishlist.


Following on from my piece on the Perfect Compact Pedal, the recent NEO range of Alexander Pedals has many of those desired features - including Twin ...

Musical Alphabetti Spaghetti - Songs!

Alphabetti Spaghetti Song Alphabetti Spaghetti Favourite Songs

This is likely one of my last Alphabetti Spaghetti’s for a while - it’s taken quite a bit out of me really - although I did promise to do an Anime one at some stage. I’ve been putting this one off for the longest time, as it’s the most complex really in every way.


Certain songs grab your attention immediately as nagging earworms. but can then become cloying and annoying - while others creep into your conscience and become pretty constant perennials. Truth is ...

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2018 - Saturday 5th of May

Free Comic Book Day Orbital Comics Free Comic Book Day 2018 Forbidden Planet Megastore Gosh! Comics Cinebook Comics + -

I normally use Free Comic Book Day to highlight some of the best titles currently available or focus on a particular imprint. I am well beyond the age when I can tolerate standing in queues for long periods, so I don’t indulge in Record Store Day or Free Comic Book Day Promos any more. I’m really not a fan of single flimsy issues, my preferences is for ’Trade Paperbacks’ with a litle more story arc, and usually includes special issues, cover art variations etc. Both ...

May The 4th Be With You! - Happy Star Wars Day 2018

May the 4th be with you Star Wars Star Wars Day Lego Star Wars May the 4th Han Solo Ashiguru Kessel Run + -

May is going to be a bumper Star Wars month chiefly for the release of the Han Solo origin film which hits cinemas on the 25th - one for 4DX for sure. As well as the obligatory Cinema Kessel Run, Lego has also been busy of late with several enticing Star Wars sets - including the slightly fresher Millennium Falcon from the aforementioned film. It has several pop-up panels which expose lots of lovely interior details.


Also featured in the above visual is the forthcoming Ashigaru ...

Cast Off Bank TSB playing with False Economies

TSB Banking Banking Services Online Banking Banking Infrastructure Banking Economics + -

Many of you will be aware that I was once a Lloyds Bank customer - Platinum Account Holder - for the vast majority of my 25 years with that bank. I was one of the many that were unceremoniously cast aside into a makeshift bank of deprecated provenance - despite manifold vehement protestations. The irony of Lloyds’ ’By Your Side’ slogan is not lost on me, but in many ways I am glad to be out of that bank - seeing how woefully they still treat their customers.


It was ...

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