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Affino delivers for the post third party cookie era while Ad Platforms struggle to find a way forward

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Native Ad Serving

Much has been made of the looming reality where browsers no longer support 3rd party cookie tracking and targeting - which has been The essential component for near enough every major Ad Serving Platform from the start. This will in effect shut down most of the online ad providers outside of Google, Facebook and Amazon who mainly serve ads on their own sites.

Numerous industry conferences have already been held this year - where the big Ad serving platforms have struggled to explain how their solutions might function after their cookies stop working.

A number of them are campaigning for a new tracking format that sits under a universal identity authority. Both commercial and government based authorities would take some time to establish, with all commercial providers largely discredited in some capacity for how they have handled user data to-date.

One of the key reason why browsers are discontinuing support for 3rd party cookies is because a number of Ad solutions have misused customer privacy data - with a variety of fines still being regularly levied.

Calls for a centralised ICO-run (UK and other governments) preference centre - would take time and international agreements to put in place, exactly at the point where governments are increasingly at odds with each other, and the UK is looking to exit virtually all international agreements it has in place and re-establish them over the coming year.


We’ve Been here Before

What is really happening right now is that the entire ecosystem build on easy drop in of JavaScripts, with tracking Cookies, is coming to an end. This is the same long drawn out terminal decline that happend with Flash when Steve Jobs came on and said he was not going to support it on the iPhone.


Apple led the way then, and is leading again, along with Mozilla, Brave and a multitude of privady tools, organisations and increasingly local and international governments, the EU and California being highly influential here.


The only way around this will be a complete re-write of the technology for most of these vendors, and a different and much harder approach using a combination of direct integrations and DNS. This is not news, we’ve been talking about it, and have presented on it at the PPA and AOP as far back as five years ago.


Affino’s Ad Delivery

With Affino, the ad-serving has always been natively baked into the core full-range web solution - meaning that all the trackers and targeting technologies and techniques are fully native and indistinguishable from the core functions of the Affino Platform’s content and media delivery engines. It means all Affino’s ads are fully delivered to the entire audience.

As a Unified Platform Affino will register, track and report seamlessly on audience behaviour and how that relates to the site’s published inventory of Advertising Campaign Assets. This is all done in a fully GDPR compliant manner based on the users’ permission.

The Ad Targeting is holistically designed to sit in amongst and alongside native content and media - delivering a seamless environment for the audience to interact with the different targeted stimuli.

We’ve purpose-designed everything so that code-wise Ads are indistinguishable from regular content. Affino-Platform-run ads tend to be better targeted and more sympathetically received than most equivalent inventory - because they are seamlessly placed within and along customer journeys. They can be targeted by context, interest, access level and stage in the users’ journeys.

Affino’s fifth generation ad service delivers high level capabilities including auto campaign balancing; interest logic based targeting; live campaign stats and review across all campaigns; campaign drill-down; and campaign and interest level planning.

With Affino you’re in full control of your customers’ journeys and their ongoing level of satisfaction. Everything in Affino is coordinated via a core-connected CRM where you can view Single Customer Views of all those key customer activities, transactions and interactions. It means more ads delivered more effectively to the most appropriate audience.

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