Affino 8 Coming January 2018 (Updated)

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Affino 8 is nearly here. We’re now able to pull together all the ideas we’ve had for launching Affino 8, so it is an exciting moment for us to have it so close.


We’re currently working through the final sprints towards having Affino 8 feature complete. We will be launching one final Affino 7.5 release which is the fourth (updated) of the major 2017 releases, which will be with you soon. The one after that will be Affino 8.


We’re down to just five major elements that we need to roll out, of hundreds we’re released over the past seven years, with the last two significant ones being the responsive checkout, and the removal off all the classic elements.


When those are wrapped, Affino will be faster, simpler to learn and deploy, more relevant, more secure and fully responsive throughout. We also have some great enhancements coming over the next couple of releases which will take the CRM to a higher level, add some great new import and export tools, and improve you content flows, presentation and analytics.


Once we’re on the Affino 8 platform we’ll be shifting our focus more to the Control Centre and will be looking to transform that in the same way we’ve been done on the display side.


Classic Affino the time for action is Now


It is very important to note that Classic Affino support will be entirely removed with Affino 8. We have supported the dual nature of Classic and Responsive Affino sites for the past few years, but it undoubtedly complicates the experience for the majority of Affino users who are now almost entirely on responsive.


You will have the option to delay updating to Affino 8 for a couple of months following the release, to allow for any final transition (but that will include August). Those with an Affino Staging service will be able to update the staging instance and see the impact on your presence, should you be running any classic elements, in particular the checkout.


If you do have pages or even entire sites to migrate to responsive, now is the time to be fully focused on it (the only page you can’t yet migrate is the checkout). If you need additional resources then please contact support or your account manager.


We know that Affino 8 is going to be an incredible breakthrough, and are looking forward to having it with you.

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Affino 8.0.16 - The Details Release

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Affino 8.0.15 - Visual Highlights

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