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Working together to deliver more success in 2016

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Beyond most technology companies, Affino is truly all in it for the long run. We have a special Onboarding process for our Clients - where we introduce them to our people and expertise, and our own unique, unified approach and solutions platform. By the same measure we encourage our Clients to fully take Affino Onboard and to collaborate with us to build and keep evolving a better business.


Our expertise is very much in the business of ongoing change management and innovation - leading the field for what is possible with wholly integrated digital business solutions. Over the past five years examples of success include our work with Alex Martinez and Procurement Leaders , Rory Brown and Briefing Media, Daniel Pearce and TTG and Dan Edwards and Mash Media (see what they have to say on our Affino Onboard page) . Affino has delivered fully integrated business solutions for all, and continues to roll out new advances, innovations and updates on an almost weekly basis, to elevate and propel these businesses to the forefront of their sectors.

Ongoing Collaboration

The starting point for Affino is a comprehensive Business and Systems Audit or Ad-Blocking Audit, where together we get inside the essence of a company’s culture and inner workings, what makes them tick, how revenues are sourced, and where improvements can be made. The closer Affino works with the key department heads and stakeholders, the deeper the understanding and the better the results. Businesses are shaped by the quality of their partners, and in collaborating with Affino you benefit from working with some of the sharpest minds in the industry, category experts who all have a proven track record with very visible and material results. Affino’s experts are multidisciplinary and can advise on an enormous range of real-world scenarios from their own real-world experiences.

Unified Solution

Driving your business’s key customer activities through a single unified solution gives you unrivalled scale and scope for taking advantage of new opportunities and automating and streamlining business processes. The Affino Unified Digital Business Platform alone does the work of several systems, allowing it to be effectively utilised across different divisions and departments, maximising resource use and increasing efficiencies while minimising systems overheads. With Affino, you spend far less time maintaining your systems infrastructure and much more time delivering new and innovative services and revenue streams to customers, in addition to achieving a single customer view across all key activities, wherever you are in the organisation.

Measurable Success

Affino has helped Procurement Leaders to attain multiple-award-winner status and maintain sector leadership throughout this ongoing partnership. Briefing Media’s FG Insight responsive site is in its second iteration, as is the new TTG responsive site. Two new responsive Mash Media sites are imminent, with further phases already in development. Getting to the top is never enough, as digital ecosystems are constantly evolving and changing, and you need to work to protect your leadership status. Affino’s continuing contributions reduce costs while advancing automation, productivity and revenue streams. All key performance indicators can be tracked and trended like never before.


Affino has an unparalleled record of success in elevating and improving publishing sector and related businesses, and delivering exceptional returns on investment. All our successes originate from straightforward, no-obligation exploratory dialogues which illuminate a more promising future potential. For the sake of a brighter and more successful 2016 we invite you to engage with us to see what advances and improvements we could bring to your business.


It may very well be in your best interests to engage with us in an informal exploratory dialogue. Connect with our Commercial Lead, Jonathan Colllins at or give him a ring on 020 3393 3240, he will surely make it worth your while.

Further reading: Affino Onboard

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2014 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year (Again!)
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2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Independent Publisher Digital Product of the Year
2013 PPA Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Brand of the Year
2013 PPA Digital Publishing Awards - Procurement Leaders awarded Business Media Digital Brand of the Year