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The Carphone Warehouse Appys almost passed me by unnoticed; I came across an article on Digital Spy; was not aware that this award ceremony was going down this last Monday (11th April). It’s about time we had Awards for Apps - so well done Carphone Warehouse for seizing the opportunity. Some of the categories need to be better defined, and possible a few more added - Best News App, Best Blog App ... etc. Lots of very obvious and deserving winners, and a commendable effort all round ...

Best Fashion App: eBay Fashion

Also nominated - GQ Style Picks, Net-A-Porter, Pocket Gok: Christmas, Shop Style

(Not really tried any of these, in no position to comment!)

Best Game App: Angry Birds

Also nominated - Doodle Jump, FIFA 11, Flight Control, Sonic

(Worthy winner, although I prefer Fragger on a similar theme, and my favourite all-time iPhone game is Plants vs Zombies - perfect graphics, music, gameplay - flawless execution)

Best Lifestyle App: LoveFilm

Also nominated - Amazon, BBM, Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Recipes, Tesco Groceries

(Truly bizarre collection of nominees - possibly category ill-defined; for films, I use mostly iTunes - I would expect to see Google or Wikipedia here - which I certainly use very heavily)

Best Money Saving App - Skype

Also nominated - Money Supermarket, Shop Savvy Barcode, Tastecard, Voucher Cloud

(Another worthy winner)

Best Music App - Spotify

Also nominated - Last FM, My Music Anywhere, Shazam, Virtuoso Piano

(Another great winner, I also recommend Internet Radio app - RadioBox)

Best Photography App - Adobe Photoshop Express

Also nominated - Fatbooth, Hipstamatic, iMovie, Instagram

(Worthy winner, although the only one here I use regularly is Hipstamatic)

Best Sports App - Sky Sports News

Also nominated - Adidas MiCoach, Endomondo Sports, Football Manager, Nike + GPS

(I use Sky Football News [more specific], and Pedometer - the other 3 fitness apps are more structured training apps, will check them out)

Best Time Saver App - Google Maps

Also nominated - Dragon Dictation, Shop Savvy Barcode, Sky+, Tube Exits

(Again a worthy winner, albeit odd selection of nominees)

Best Time Waster App - Facebook

Also nominated - Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Football Manager, YouTube

(Worthy winner, I would also have Perez Hilton, Engadget and Gizmodo in this category - all excellent apps for soaking up waiting or commuting time)

Best Travel App - TripAdvisor

Also nominated - Flight Tracker, Google Translate, Time Out City Guides, Tube Deluxe

(Worthy winner with some excellent competition - I use Tube Deluxe a lot)

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