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82% of Browsers will soon be blocking Cookies by Default

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The latest moves by Google and Firefox show how inevitable it will be that 3rd party cookies will be blocked as standard, leading to and end of the current web infrastructure as we know it.

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Microsoft has Edged out Internet Explorer


Microsoft's recent updates to Edge, leave Internet Explorer firmly in the past.

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Family Cyber Security

Ever since I read the Motherboard article:


’Your ’Anonymous’ Browsing Data Isn’t Actually Anonymous’


I became aware of just how little data is requried to identify the average individual from an anonymous browsing history, it’s just seven clicks.


If you leave your browser open on many mainstream media sites your details will inadvertently be passed to dozens of IP addresses, and behind each address is likely an organisation that ...

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Facebook trending downwards after Poor Q2 Earnings and further Security Policy Revelations

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Facebook dropped roughly $123 billion in share value / market capitalisation after disappointing earnings for Q2 this year were revealed. Much of this has to do with the new GDPR regulations - which restrict what Facebook can legitimately do for advertisers and sponsors, but also there seems to be a noticeable backlash following revelations that Facebook sold on customers’ privacy details and contact lists to various suspect parties - including groups of supposed Russian Hacker types.


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The Adblockalypse and Cookie Armageddon are at their most potent yet - which means Ad-supported businesses need Affino more than ever

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With more and more browsers now baking stringent Ad-blocking functionality directly into their core operation - in particular Apple Safari and Google Chrome per recent updates; and Ad-blocking Apps and extensions being ever more clever at spotting and screening out different types of ads - the only way to continue business as usual is to use something like Affino - which bakes its native ad-handling functionality into its core page delivery mechanics - making the ad parts indiscernible from the...

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Why GDPR is a good thing for all of us, but still only a step in the right direction

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My last post was about the dangers of spoofing / malware / ID theft - and a major reason why this is happening so much is that too many companies are recklessly and carelessly exploiting customer details and data - in fact various different types of your personal digital signature and ID. You for example order a pizza online - and are forced to fill in a mobile phone field - meaning forever after you have to fend off myriad call centres up and down the country or indeed on other continents - ...

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Spoofing is at epidemic levels now and more needs to be done to counter it

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In these past few weeks I have witnessed or experienced 4 significant spoofing attempts / events. Most of us will have caught the news about over 1 million Android users inadvertently downloading a fake version of the WhatsApp chat app. I’ve received a fake Adobe tax refund email, several fake Amazon SMS delivery notifications (with suspicious ’preview’ pop-up links), as well as encountered what I believe are a couple of spoof ’Sign into iTunes Store’ pop-ups on my...

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Affino and GDPR


The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR as it is better known is possibly the biggest steamroller to hit media companies, and all marketing aspects of companies in general since the advent of the Internet. It has been created in the advent of mass marketing surveillance and profiling being transacted by most companies, as well as to help combat Spam, over-sharing and selling of individual’s personal data, and key principles such as the ’right to be forgotten’.


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FCC fines Verizon Wireless for surreptitiously deploying SuperCookies on its Customers

Ad BlockingCookie ArmageddoncookiesFCCInternet Service ProvidersMobile Service ProvidersPrivacyPrivacy ProtectionSuperCookiesVerizonVerizon Wireless+-

Once more the dark side of advertising rears its ugly head, as the FCC fines Verizon Wireless $1.35 million for its ongoing use of unsolicited and covert ’SuperCookies’ tracking technology, fully intended to follow its customers’ movements right across the Internet. The new ruling likely mandates that both wireless and fixed broadband providers must get permission from users before tracking their behaviour online in such a manner.


The SuperCoookies being deployed are ...

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Thoughts on AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages - and Google's Strategy

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AMP Times

There are many thoughts on why Google has introduced AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages. Some are that Google is looking to provide genuine benefits, and are focused on speeding up the mobile experience. Many thoughts however are that it is defensive and reactionary by Google, e.g. responding to Facebook’s Instant Articles.


Here are some of our initial thoughts, no doubt these will evolve as AMP evolves.


What do AMP Pages Deliver


AMP pages are supposed to be ...

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